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Our research about the Aki-los Tacos Truck Whittier is here to enlighten you about the controversy that has grown around this Mexican food truck in the USA.

What is your favorite cuisine? In case your answer is Mexican, then it is obvious that you would love the tangling taste of tacos. Tacos are a full meal in itself with bread, protein, and veggies. Now numerous good places are serving up delightful tacos in the United States.

One such destination is Aki-los Tacos Truck. Nowadays, this truck is on the news for a different reason than its food. Read the full article to know everything about Aki-los Tacos Truck Whittier.

About the Tacos Truck

Food trucks are nowadays very trending. It is a low investment option for starting a food business, and due to its innovative and easy-to-carry food offerings, they are pretty popular among all kinds of eaters. It is basically kind of a portable restaurant, and at present, all kinds of foods are available in these trucks. From fast foods to gourmet, you can get anything here.

The particular truck that we are talking about serves delicious Mexican foods. The truck’s location is ideal, and it makes Aki Los Tacos Truck California easily noticeable to the people. It only serves dinner options as it operates in the evening hours. 

Specific Details

  • Working Hours: 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Location: 14212 Mulberry Dr, Whittier
  • Served Cuisine: Mexican
  • Outlet Type: Food Truck
  • Holiday: The outlet is closed on Monday

What Is the Menu of This Truck?

The food truck is known for regularly updating its menu to attract more customers. The truck specializes in tacos. There are various options for tacos. Their menu also includes Sopes, Quesadillas, Burritos, Tortas, Tostitos, Nachos and several innovative beverages. The favorite dishes of Aki-los Tacos Whittier are Sope, Horchata, and Tacos.

Why Is It on Headlines?

Currently, a viral video on Youtube has brought the Aki Los Tacos to the news headlines. The video shows that the truck is misbehaving with the other street vendors around and has caused damage to them. The video has also accused them of charging and hurting other vendors. On the Youtube platform, many people are severely criticizing the truck authority’s behavior.

However, the legitimacy of this video is unknown to us. Hence, we would suggest that you have proper research before blindly trusting anything.

Aki-los Tacos Truck Whittier Reviews from Customers

The food truck possesses tons of reviews from its buyers. The reviews of this food truck are of mixed nature. We could see different ratings and reviews from different sources. When in some reviewing portal we can see people commenting about their bad behavior and horrible service, the Google review summary shows an excellent rating of 5-star.

The social media page of the food truck does not help us in this matter as no review is available there.

Final Verdict

The contrary information found about the food truck makes us confused about the true nature of this business, and it becomes difficult to judge the Aki-los Tacos Truck Whittier. Overall, the larger number of negative reviews portrays a bad impression of the truck. You can also share your opinion about it in the comments.

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