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There are various forms of  All Wordle Variants which are gaining popularity all around the world. Please read the article and know in detail.

Wordle, a game that has become a worldwide sensation, has been reinvented in various variants. The game originated. the United States  and today All Wordle Variants have more or less become equally popular. 

The game has a special ability that connects nearly every generation in today’s world. A lot of discussions were made on social media regarding the changes in the game, whether it be addition of British English or creating fun related versions. There are games like Swordle and Taylor Swift BTS Wordle which have become extremely popular in the last few weeks. 

A Brief Note on Wordle

Our intention in this article is to get you introduced with variegated versions  of Wordle. But before moving ahead to All Wordle Variants, let us see certain basic information about Wordle. It is a web word game developed by Josh Wardle. 

The game is in the format as was the 1950s Jotto game. In the original format of the game, a five letter word to be guessed daily in six attempts. There is a colour scheme of three colours- Green, Yellow, and Red which show the impact of different colours. Whether red shows the wrong, yellow shows correct letter but wrong place, and green shows the correct letter and position. New versions however have certain changes as well. 

A look at All Wordle Variants

  • Globle 

In this variant of Wordle, instead of guessing a word, the player had to guess the name of a country. The game runs on geography. 

  • Nerdle

The player has to guess the formula instead of a word with graphics showing formulas.

  • Flaggle

Here, instead of guessing a word, the player has to guess a flag of the world. 

  • Octordle

In this version, instead of six letters, the word is eight letters.  The difficulty is more than other variants. 

  • Bardle

This version has a word to be guessed from Shakespearean literature. 

Now we see some other variants from All Wordle Variants

  • Squirdle

Here a player has to guess a Pokemon. The Pokemon fans would enjoy playing this game. 

  • Wordle BTS Taylor Swift

This is one of the most famous versions of Wordle. This can not be doubted that BTS has its own aura in today’s generation. 

  • Lord of the Rings Wordle

The Lord of the Rings fans love this version of Wordle. The words are related to the Lord of the Rings storyline. 


There are different variants of Wordle which are becoming popular in today’s world. All the most famous variants of Wordle are depicted above. There are other versions as well and are increasing day by day. There are All Wordle Variants which have been gaining popularity in quite some time. To know more, see Wordle: Every version, knockoff you can play; Nerdle, Quordle, more  

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