Clickworker Xyz Scam Or Legit (Feb 2022) Is This Real?

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 In this post, you will know the reality about a platform that claims to pay you real money and whether Clickworker Xyz Scam Or Legit.

Do you want to earn money from doing easy tasks online? Then this post is for you. In this post, we discuss a platform that allows you to earn money easily. Some platforms and websites reward you for sharing your opinions and completing a certain task, but most of them don’t pay much, and other platforms are just scams. 

This platform is known as Clickworkerig. Xyz and getting popular in Indonesia and many other countries. Let us discuss more Clickworker Xyz Scam Or Legit further in this post.

What is Clickworker? 

As mentioned above, this platform rewards you accordingly in exchange for your opinions and completion of specific tasks online. In the official platform, it is mentioned that millions of other users are earning daily by simply completing easy tasks.

You can also get paid by simply sharing this platform with others. To start earning in this platform, you have to simply signup for their platform, and you will see the opportunities and tasks to complete for earning money.

You will know Is Clickworker Real Or Fake, further in this post but nowTo sum up, this is a platform that pays you in real money for testing apps, giving opinions and completing tasks.

People’s Reaction On Clickworker On The Website

Here are some of the reviews on its official platform:

  • It took some honest hard work, but I had fun doing it. Got my first PayPal payout – Taylor F.
  • This is going so good on my 2nd payment now – Tanya R.
  • I would recommend this to anyone trying to make money as a side hustle – Fred M.

Reviews like these are all over their official platform. But are the reviews real?

Is Clickworker Real Or Fake? 

Below are some of the things that will let you decide if it is legit or scam:

  • Trust Score – It has a trust score of 20%.
  • HTTPS connection: The platform has a secure HTTPS connection.
  • Customers’ Reviews: No reviews are present outside of their platform other than some of the YouTube videos and reviews under them. 
  • Domain creation date: The website was created on 12 January 2022, which is very recent. And, it will expire on 12/01/2023.
  • Website overview: The platform is very unprofessional. The $25 bonus is showing to end in 10 minutes, but it doesn’t end instead it starts over.

So, the answer to the question Clickworker Xyz Scam Or Legit is yes, this platform is fake, and there is no possibility it could be a legit platform.


The platform is surely a scam as it has so many false promises. If it has millions of users, there are no reviews on any other site except its own or some of the video reviews. You will only end up losing your information on this platform and nothing else. Check out this post to know how can you spot fraud platform in detail.

Do you think of this platform as legit? Tell us why in the comment section below. Also, do share this Clickworker Xyz Scam Or Legit post for informing others. Also, read here about online scams.

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