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This article provides the details for Florida Democratic regarding the information on Critical Race Theory Math Textbooks Examples.

Are you aware of the news of the rejection of math textbooks by the Florida government? Do you know the actual reason behind it? The Government has rejected 41 percent of math textbooks for the k-12 curriculum and 71% for k-5 curriculum publishers submitted. 

Many people from the United States want the exact reason for this action. Therefore, we have brought a detailed summary of the Governor’s statement and the Critical Race Theory Math Textbooks Examples

Examples for CRT Math Textbooks

While looking for the news or comments for examples, the Florida Education Department has not provided any examples. Christina Pushaw, Governor’s secretary, has given two reasons for not providing the examples. 

One is that the names need to be approved through the bidding process and contain some confidential content. Another reason is that the publishers have the opportunity to revise their submitted bids as per the state’s adopted list.  

The question is arising and remains at the same point for “How math-grade books are advancing the CRT,” as the state is unable to provide examples. 

Citizen’s reaction to the rejection of books on Critical Race Theory Math Problem

The Governor has announced that they have rejected 54 books out of 132 from the k-12 curriculum. They also stated that they have submitted these for review for containing the prohibited topics like Common Core and CRT (Critical Race Theory). 

One Citizen tweeted on Monday that they want the complete list of books that have been sent for reviewing or the list of approved books so that they can know the list of rejected ones. One teacher also replied with the same comment that they could check the Education Department’s objections in detail. 

Other Information for Critical Race Theory Math Textbooks Examples

Though as already stated that the textbook examples have not been revealed. But numbers of books have been stated. Hence, we are sharing the same for our reader’s compatibility. 

  • 70% of textbooks have been rejected from kindergarten to 5th grade. 
  • 20% were rejected from 6th to 8th graders. 
  • 35% of textbooks are rejected for high-school students. 

Hence we can say in all 54 textbooks have been rejected from 132 textbooks and asked for a review for the prohibited contents. 

Why is everyone looking for the CRT math textbook examples?

Based on our research, we can say that the Florida Math Books Critical Race Theory has become a most demanding and debating topic in the past few days. Florida Democratic are questioning and asking for examples for the rejected books, which the Governor has not recommended. 

Note – All the details are based on the internet and the media’s report. 

The Last Words

The Florida Government has rejected 71% of math textbooks. It means 54 books out of 132 based on inappropriate and prohibited content. Further, the examples have not been revealed in the books. 

However, you can click here for a detailed report on this news. Would you like to recommend the Critical Race Theory Math Textbooks Examples? Please comment below.  

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