Dave Chappelle Comments On Will Smith {April} Updates!


Please read this write-up to know Dave Chappelle Comments On Will Smith about the latest slapping incident between two celebrities at the Oscars. 

Do you want to know the latest information on Hollywood? Did you watch the Oscar Award function recently? Do you want to know about the violent incident on this occasion? Then, please read this report to get the details.

In today’s account, we have talked about the encounter between two celebrities. People from various nations, like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, want to know the celebrities’ reactions. Thus, please continue reading to know the Dave Chappelle Comments On Will Smith.

What Did Dave Chappelle Say About Will Smith’s Incident?

Actor Will Smith slapped stand-up comedian Chris Rock at the 94th Oscar Awards. Dave Chappelle is a significant figure in the comedy industry. Therefore, people wanted to know his comments regarding this violent act. But Dave did not comment anything on this incident.

However, despite his non-commenting on this situation, people recollected Dave comments on rapper Ja Rule post the 9/11 attack. Ja rule posted on his Twitter account that the slapping session was official in this season. 

Why Do People Want to Know About Dave Chappelle On Will Smith?

Soon after the slapping incident, people wanted to know what Dave Chappelle had to say about it. Chris Rock took the attack sportingly and did not overreact or hit back. However, many Twitter users commented that things would have worsened if Chappelle were in Rock’s place.

They detested Will Smith’s violent act on the prestigious stage of the Academy Awards. Nonetheless, few people supported his emotional and protective attributes toward his wife. 

Why Did Will Slap Chris?

Will walked up the stage and slapped Chris Rock in front of the audience. People wanted to know what would have been Dave Chappelle Comments On Will Smith if he was in Rock’s place. This incident happened at the 94th Awards of the Academy. Chris Rock cracked a funny statement about Will Smith’s wife’s medical condition. Thus, Will could not bear it out of protectiveness and attacked Chris. 

Jada Pinkett Smith, Will’s wife, suffers from an immunity disorder called alopecia, for which she has massive hair loss and presently shaved her head. Chris Rock said in a comic tone that he could not wait to see Jada in G. I. Jane 2. 

Due to this joke, people searched the reaction of Dave Chappelle On Will Smith. G-I-Jane was a 1997 movie in which an actress named Demi Moore clean-shaven her head to play the female protagonist. 

What Had Dave Chappelle Commented on Ja Rule?

Although Dave kept mum regarding the latest event, he had commented on Ja Rule twenty years ago. Soon after the 9/11 attack, an MTV show host asked Ja Rule his opinions. 

Later, in one of his stand-up performances, Dave Chappelle mentioned that Ja Rule’s opinions did not matter. He expressed that it was time to be cautious, not to contact a rapper.

Conclusion About Dave Chappelle Comments On Will Smith

As Dave Chappelle commented on various celebrities amidst his comedy, people wanted to know his opinions this time. However, he did not make any comments on this incident. Nonetheless, Ja Rule’s post on his Twitter account mentioned that slapping was now official. 

Do you think it was right for Will Smith to slap Chris Rock at the Oscars? Please share your views below.

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