Did Bob Saget Have Scleroderma {Jan 2022} Know The Fact!

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This article on Did Bob Saget Have Scleroderma will guide you on the life of this famous American personality.

Diseases and disorders have attacked so many people that they even took the lives of many people. People who have Scleroderma in the United States and other parts of the world have also proven deadliest to many.

Did Bob Saget Have Scleroderma? Are you aware of this personality? If not, then today’s article will guide you on this famous personality and what initiatives he has taken to save many people’s lives.

Who was Bob Saget?

Robert Lane Saget was born on May 17, 1956, and won the hearts of many people by working as a stand-up comedian. His roots were from America. He also worked as a host on Television programs. He completed his graduation from Abington School. He even attended a film school, Temple University. He acted as Danny Tanner in the Full House, a narrator’s voice of Ted Mosby, and was a host of a video program America’s Funniest Home.

Did Bob Saget Have Scleroderma?

Bob Saget supported the foundation of the Scleroderma Research Foundation. He had been a longtime supporter. Bob spent around thirty years creating awareness on this rare disease. The fact is that he did not suffer from this disease, but his sister did. We will discuss it later, but first, we would like to ask if you know what Scleroderma is?

Scleroderma is a rare disease that results in the tightening and hardening of the skin and other connective tissues. It is the most common rare disease that affects women aged thirty to fifty.

You must have got your answers on Did Bob Saget Have Scleroderma? We will further discuss why he supported this foundation and what was the reason for his death. So, stay connected with us, and you will know many things.

Why did Bob support SRF?

Bob had been a supporter of SRF for thirty years. But, many people are unaware of the fact that he supported this foundation as Bob lost his dearest sister, Gay, due to this disease in the year 1994. She had Scleroderma. So, he laid and supported a foundation to support other sufferers and create awareness among the people on this chronic disease. He joined SRF after nine years of his sister’s demise. 

As per Did Bob Saget Have Scleroderma, we will further discuss the reason for his death.

Cause of death of Bob

It is unfortunate that the people who brought smiles to many faces are now no more. He passed away at the age of 62 on January 9, 2022. He was on his tour and had a performance in Ponte Vedra Beach. He was later found unresponsive at around 4 p.m in his room. His family members were concerned about him as they could not contact him. He was declared dead, and no certain cause was revealed. Police stated that drug use and foul play took his life.


Based on Did Bob Saget Have Scleroderma, we discussed the reason for his death and why he supported the SRF. He did not have Scleroderma, but he supported creating awareness. If you want to know more aboutBob Saget, you can check this link.   

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