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The following article on Emmy la Robot H will give you detailed information on this comic webtoon.

Television series have gained a lot of popularity among youngsters and grown-ups. But, there was a time when people Worldwide used to read paper materials like novels and comic books for entertainment. Webcomics are one of those entertaining sources, and you might have heard about Emmy la Robot H.

This article will tell you about this popular webcomic that has been loved by millions of people all around. So, if you are unaware of this webcomic, this article will help you a lot.

Brief on Webcomics

Webcomics are a digital source of entertainment published online through many platforms. Before the invention of T.V., people were fond of reading books. And webcomics are the same reading material, but the major difference is that they are published on the internet. Therefore, readers can enjoy the funny cartoon characteristics and dialogues printed on these digital paper formats.

There are many webcomics like Emmy la Robot H, Hark! A Vagrant, Octopus Pie, The order of the stick, Dinosaur Comics, Awkward Zombie, Girl Genius, etc. Readers can go through all these through online means.

Introduction to Webtoons

Webtoons have been sensibly the most creative source of entertainment that began in South Korea. Webtoons are referred to as manhwa, which is a term that is used to refer to comic characters of Korea. Daum created Daum webtoon, a webtoon service in the year 2003. Later, this was followed by Naver. In 2004, it was launched as Naver Webtoon. They published around 520 Webtoons by the year 2014, while 434 were published by Daum.

Emmy la Robot H

The comic named Emmy la Robot is a story of a “Nandroid,” i.e., an Android robotic nanny. Emmy la Robot is referred to as Emmy the Robot, is a webcomic, and it is published by webtoon. Dominic Cellini wrote the Comic Emmy la Robot.

In this comic, a company named Sterling Robotics develops a robot that performs household tasks and helps them take care of their children. Emmy is the Robot who was assigned the duties of the Delaire family. She began her new life with humans and took care of Delaire’s family daughter named Madeline. Based on Emmy la Robot H, the comic was found to be an interesting story of a robot.

Episodes of Emmy la Robot

The comic book has had many parts since it was launched. We will be short of words if we start describing their episodes. So here is a brief list of its episodes:

  • Daily Routine
  • Christmas Morning
  • Trolley ride
  • Gossip
  • Card Shopping
  • Evening Routine
  • Family Assignments
  • Crying Baby
  • For the Orphans

There are more than hundreds of episodes that you will get tired of reading, but their episodes will never end.


Wrapping up our content on webtoons, people want to know about Emmy la Robot H, but no relevant information was found on this particular topic. All we can find about it is the comic Emmy la Robot. The comic is amazing, and the reader will enjoy reading its episode. More details regarding Emmy la Robot Webtoon can be seen on this page.  

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