Fatal To The Flesh Blood {March} Explore Its Use, Review

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This article describes a simple website that provides simulation activity that helps relax the frustrated human mind. Read more about Fatal to the Flesh Blood.

Have you searched for any online simulation websites that provide visual simulation interface that looks real? If yes, let’s explore more about a website with similar simulation-based features that help soften the human mind.

People suffering from anxieties, frustrations and social pressures from France and the United States search for online solutions to restrict themselves from injuring their bodies.

The number of people affected by mental health and well-being-based problems increases daily. So, let’s take a deep look into Fatal to the Flesh Blood  website.

About Fataltotheflesh.com 

Fataltotheflesh.com is a website with a simple design developed by an anonymous individual or a group of individuals to help prevent people from hurting their body and instead create woundmarks on a white paper displayed on the website.

The website visitor is given just a blank page, and there are no details or instructions from the website developers. The PC user can move the mouse over the page to create cuts on the paper that resemble a wound. Touch screen device users can swap on their screens for similar output.

Fatal to the Flesh Blood

  • Fataltotheflesh.com website has a trust score of 67% .
  • The age of the domain plays a crucial role in the increase in the trust score.
  • In addition to the domain age, detection of HTTPS protocol also helped to gain the trust score for the website.
  • The negative aspect pointed out on trust score is the unavailability of the country name the website got registered. 
  • The domain got created on 02/08/2004.
  • The domain expiry date is 02/08/2023.
  • The domain age is 18 years and 42 days.

Website User Reviews

  • Fatal to the Flesh Blood website has no users’ reviews as per the data from the Trustpilot platform.
  • Reviews about the website are not available on other social media platforms as most people prefer to keep the website’s usage private.

More Website Information

  • The website gives the user a natural feeling of cutting a body as a realistic effect is available as the output.
  • The depth of the cut depends on the speed of the mouse movement. The faster the user creates the cut, the deeper the cut will be. Let’s learn more details associated withthe Fatal to the Flesh Blood website.
  • Once the cut is made, bloodstains start to appear near the wound, depending on the intensity of the wound.
  • The user can also make short or long cuts on the screen.
  • The website developers intend to avoid injury to the human body due to pressure, stress, anxiety, frustration etc.
  • The website can be accessed by PC users and mobile device users. 


With more work pressure and social pressures, an online simulation website like fataltotheflesh.com helps humans relax without hurting themselves. To know more details on this topic, kindly visit.

Have you ever visited the Fatal to the Flesh Blood website? If yes, please share your experience associated with the website usage.

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