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What is the Heardle game? What is the official Heardle Game Link? How does that game differ from word guessing games? Know all the answers by reading this blog.

Do you like word guessing games? And do you love to listen to songs? If you’re confused about the connection between word guessing game and song, you want to introduce a recently launched game, ‘Heardle.’

This game combines the tricky gameplay where you need to guess ‘word’? No, something else. The game received immense attention after being released in the United States, Canada, etc., countries, which can be played with the official Heardle Game Link.

Let’s together discover what the game is about.

About the game:

With the massive success of the Wordle game, which is a word guessing puzzle game, Omacs developer has designed and released a new game that has the same tricky gameplay as Wordle but is different from it. 

It’s a game that offers gamers to guess the correct song over words. This game has especially been created for music lovers as if the game tagline is considered; it’s clear that gamers who are regular Spotify users can easily guess the song.

Playing procedure of Heardle game:

After reaching its official portal of Heardle Game Wordle Music Play, you find the instant without visiting any tab or clicking options. In this game, you get a 16-second song clip. However, you will not get the 16 seconds slot, as to make it enjoyable, the developer has designed it a bit tricky. 

First, you will get an introduction of 2 or 3 seconds. There is space to write the answer, so if you guess the song name, you have to write it down in that space and click on the submit button. If it’s correct, you win the game, but if it’s wrong, no worries, you get 6 chances to guess the song correctly, the same as the World game.

Heardle Game Link:

Following our research and data on reliable sources, anyone can play the game by visiting ‘https://www.heardle.app/’- this link. According to the legit information, this link is the official URL of the Heardle game. 

The game is absolutely free to play. Anyone who is interested can play it by opening a secure browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc., then copying and pasting the URL. This link will lead you to its official platform, where you find the game to play.

Gamers’ reaction about this game:

After it got released, the Heardle Game Wordle Music Play received mass attention from worldwide gamers, especially music lovers. The game gained massive appreciation from the United Kingdom, where players specified how engaging the game is. Moreover, its simple interface yet tricky gameplay is perfect for any aged player.


This musical game is somewhat similar to Wordle; however, you have to write down the song name by guessing it from the given clue. As per the sources, it is available on the web as well as an application platform. Do you want to ask about ‘Heardle Game Link‘ and its gameplay? Please mention in the comment section.

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