How Many Birdies Were Made At The 2021 Masters {April}


This article describes a golf term and the anticipation of golf enthusiasts on the upcoming tournament. Read on How Many Birdies Were Made At The 2021 Masters.

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Golf enthusiasts from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Ireland are eager to know about the last major golf tournament records. The previous year’s golf records are considered by the fans and followers of golf superstars.

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About Birdies Record at 2021 Masters Tournament

The 2021 Masters Tournament witnessed 7475 yards and 235 birdies throughout the championship. Golf fans are thrilled and excited about the upcoming 2022 Masters Tournament that is to be held in Augusta, Georgia.

The officially scheduled dates for the 2022 Masters Tournament are between 7th April 2022 and 10th April 2022. As a result, golf supporters are expecting more birdies this year. 

Apart from those, various online discussions are conducted among the fans predicting the possibilities of producing a record number of birdies this year. Read about How Many Birdies Will Be Made At The Masters.

2021 Masters Tournament

  • 2021 Masters Tournament was conducted in Augusta, Georgia, between 8th August 2022 and 11th August 2022.
  • The tournament initially had 88 players, and the number of players got reduced to 54 after the final cut.
  • Hideki Matsuyama, a Japanese golfer, went on to win the prestigious championship, scoring 278(-10).
  • Will Zalatoris became the runner up.
  • Xander Schauffele and Jordan Spieth shared third place.
  • The winner of the 2021 Masters Tournament got rewarded with $ 2,070,000, while the first and second runner-ups took home $1,242,000 and $667,000, respectively.

How Many Birdies Were Made At The 2021 Masters?

  • According to the official stats of the 2021 Masters Tournament, there were 440 yards and six birdies for Hole 17.
  • Hole 18 had 465 yards and six birdies.
  • While taking the official data, there were 3710 yards and 121 birdies in subtotal, making 7475 yards and 235 birdies.
  • The number of birdies is expected to rise in the upcoming2021 Masters Tournament.

Why are 2021 Birdies Trending?

  • Birdie is a popular gold term that describes a scoring that involves one less stroke with the declared par for a particular hole.
  • Total Birdies In 2021 Masters” got trending on social media platforms before the upcoming 2022 Masters Tournament starting on 7th April 2022.
  • A par-3 hole is to be scored in two strokes to attain a birdie. Similarly, a par-4 hole requires three strokes to get a birdie.
  • The higher number of birdies helps to get good points.


Masters Tournaments are one of the most prestigious golf tournaments, and global golf fans take charge to celebrate the four-day championship by predicting various records such as the number of birdies. To know more, please visit this link. 

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