How to Get Mech Wings in Roblox (Nov) Read Steps Below!

Gaming Tips Mech Wings in Roblox

How to Get Mech Wings in Roblox (Nov) Read Steps Below! >> Here you will get the best guide to acquire a newly launched feature for free on your Avatar; it is on offer.

Do you often play on Roblox? If you like personalizing your Avatar according to the new better features. Then, here we have good news for you. A new offer for a free feature of wings came on Roblox. Are you interested in knowing about it?

If you are answering it as yes, stick to the end of the article. People from every corner of the world, like the Philippines, etc., are interested in knowing How to Get Mech Wings in Roblox? As the offer is newly launched and it is for free. Don’t lose the opportunity to add the wings to your Avatar.

Details about Mech Wings on Roblox

One of the most popular gaming platforms, Roblox, has newly launched this amazing wings feature. The more exciting thing is that wings come free for iOS users. It is newly launched on 04th August 2021. 

The wings are released in the genre of science fiction. From the very first day, the mech wings are launched, people are looking for the alternative of How to Get Mech Wings in RobloxPeople are facing issues in downloading it on their PCs. But, we have the solution for you here in the article.

The question is constantly coming because the feature is free, and the offer is limited till 18th August 2021 only. Mech wings is published in the avatar shop as a back accessory. This looks like jetpacks with blue color. Already by now, people have marked it as 1,266 favorite items.

Multiple Type of Wings Available 

Multiple option are available. However, many of them are paid. Options available are golden sparkling wings, blaze burner, books, wings of Roblox, etc.

How to Get Mech Wings in Roblox

People are so much interested in buying the Mech WingsThe basic guide for iOS is to search the mech wings in the catalog/ avatar shop. Make sure to look in the features or newly updated section and scroll till you find it. Redeem it once you get the wings.

For the PC workaround version, follow these guidelines –

  1. Login to your Roblox account on the firefox browser.
  2. Enter about: config in URL separate window.
  3. Then enter general.useragent.override in the search preference name.

Note – Follow the exact process and paste the below text because this is How to Get Mech Wings in Roblox

  1. Then click on string paste Mozilla/5.0 by pressing + on the right of the string.
  2. Now confirm it. 
  3. Click on the mech wings in a separate tab.
  4. Redeem it by clicking on it, and you got the mech wings. 


In the final verdict of the article, make sure you use the exact process for getting the pc version. Click here to know Dorobux generators workPeople are interested in learning How to Get Mech Wings in Roblox because personalizing touch enhances the experience of the gamers. Have you redeemed these new wings yet? Comment Below- 

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