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This article includes all the details about Hurdle Music Game Where To Play. You can visit the whole article to know about the Hurdle game.

Do you love games? Are you a song lover? Although these questions don’t match in reality, here is amazing news for all the readers. This is a musical game introduced after the popularity of the worldle game in various countries like New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom.

For those who don’t know where and how to play this game, in this article, we will learn the Hurdle Music Game Where To Play?

Brief about Hurdle Music Game

The Hurdle is an online game that anyone can play. However, if you have ever played a wordle game, then it would be easy for you to understand this game. In a wordle game, you have to guess the words within the given attempts, but players have to guess the song in the specified attempts in the Hurdle game.

The Hurdle game releases one song per day, and each individual has to guess the same song. The game will play a short introduction of the music, by listening to it, players have to guess the correct music and artist name. Readers are delighted with the Hurdle Music Game App.

How to play the Hurdle game?

People who have never played this game want to get a glimpse of it and play it with ease. Follow the below steps:-

  • Open the hurdle game. You will see various options on the home page. Scroll down and press the ‘PLAY’ button. You can listen to the song several times.
  • If you didn’t guess the song right or skip the song, then you will get another song.
  • It would be best if you try to predict the song right in the given attempts.
  • After submitting your answer, you will get the score per your performance. Estimating the score includes the time and attempt you took to submit the answer.

Hurdle Music Game Where To Play

The app for the Hurdle game is now available you can find the link in the official website in about section of the page.You can also  play the game on the official website of Hurdle. The home page of the Hurdle game will display. Various menus like how to play, support, stats, about will pop up.

You can visit these pages to learn about the game. After scrolling the page, a search bar will appear to search the artist and music that you guessed. Below the search bar, options like submit, skip and play will appear.

You can go through the above steps to know Hurdle Music Game Where To Play. If you want to listen to another song, click on the skip button. To play the song, click on the play button and to submit your final answer, click on the submit button. Then you will get the score which you can share to your social media accounts.


Many people have played wordle games, players have to guess the words, but In Hurdle, game players have to guess music. You can only play hurdle games once a day and share your score on social media. To know more about hurdle music games, visit this link.

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