Is Actcri Shop Legit {June 2022} Get Complete Review!

Actcri Shop Online Website Reviews

Please read this write-up to confirm your query, Is Actcri Shop Legit regarding a newfangled online platform selling outdoor products, electronic devices, etc.

Are you willing to spend a fun and relaxing time with your kids in inflatable pools? Would you like to buy an efficient air-fryer oven for your next party at home? Then, you have come to the correct place. 

Today’s write-up has mentioned the details highlighting a recent platform’s legitimacy. Customers from many countries, including the United States, are eager to gain knowledge regarding this store. Thus, please read till the end and answer your question Is Actcri Shop Legit.

Is Actcri Shop Authentic?

Please read the following particulars to gain knowledge about this platform’s reliability. Once you are through with these points, it will be easier to decide whether to explore this website.

  • Age of Platform – This website is as new as one month and thirteen days. Its establishment date is 18 April 2022.
  • Trust Score of Website – 1%, which is a Very Bad Trust Score.
  • Customer Reviews – No shopper has posted any customer reviews in the given section. Some products are present in the Bestseller category, but even these do not mention any Actcri Shop Reviews
  • Connection to Social Media – Linking to social media is missing on this website.
  • Contact Points – The telephone number is unavailable on this website. The contact address seems to be someone’s home. Also, the same address is used by other e-commerce stores. 
  • Outdated Web Design – The portal still flashes New Year deals, though half of 2022 has passed. 
  • Missing Information – The platform does not mention the shipping policy or refund details.
  • Dubious Content – There are words like Subtract, Insert, etc., in the Privacy Policy, suggesting copied words.

The aforementioned particulars indicate suspiciousness for this platform. Notwithstanding, it may not be easy to declare Is Actcri Shop Legit due to this website’s recency. 

What is Actcri Shop?

Actcri Shop is a virtual e-commerce shop dealing with outdoor products like patio cabinets, portable power stations, etc. It also offers tools, such as table saws and roofing nailers. In addition, it provides some culinary equipment, like BBQ smokers, multipurpose air fryers, etc. 


  • Platform Type – A digital store that provides tools, inflatable pools, outdoor products, etc.
  • Portal Address –
  • Contact Address – 2834, North Harper Terrace, Peoria, Illinois – 61604, United States
  • Telephone Number – Missing
  • Electronic Maid Id – [email protected]
  • Social Media Links – Not provided. This absence may raise more doubts regarding Is Actcri Shop Legit
  • Privacy Policy – Mentioned
  • Shipment Details – The policy is missing. In the FAQ section, it is written that items take around four to seven days for delivery.
  • Terms of Service – Provided.
  • Information about Return and Refund – The time to return the items is thirty days from receiving them. The details regarding refunding time are not specified. 
  • Payment Options – Credit cards of American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.
  • Sort By – Present 
  • Filtering Method – Not given.
  • Product Price – Mentioned in USD.


  • This portal has a broad collection of items.
  • The product descriptions comprise all technical details.

Cons to answer Is Actcri Shop Legit

  • Many essential pieces of information are missing on this website. These include the shipment policy, refund timeframe, and contact number.
  • The address mentioned on this website does not seem genuine and may belong to somebody’s home. Other dubious portals have also mentioned this number in their stores.
  • It looks like the designers have copied the Privacy Policy from a template. There are words like Subtract, Add, and Insert that they forgot to omit.
  • The website’s oldness is too less to be trusted.
  • There are no social media connections on the subject platform. 

Actcri Shop Reviews

No notable feedback platform mentions this website in their threads. Hence, we can assume that customers could not trust this website because of its recentness. Also, there are no customer reviews on the website. Thus, it is impossible to know other customers’ opinions about their purchases from this store. So, we request you read how to Get Your Money Back from Paypal if scammed when browsing this site.

The Closing Thoughts

Based on the details in this account, we feel this website is suspicious. Yet, it may be untimely to declare Is Actcri Shop Legit because it is a newfangled store. Therefore, we recommend you read the Methods To Get Money Back on credit card for assurance. Furthermore, please read about the types of air fryers to select wisely.

What are your views on this website’s reliability? Please write below.

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