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Is Legit? The site retails great collections at a cheap price rate. But what if it’s a con site. Please read the information first before using it.

Do you find outdoor furniture a bit costly to purchase? Do you want to buy water sports gear staying within your budget? If you are supposed to find any site regarding this matter, you probably have seen the website on the search engine page.

This web portal has been getting a massive impression in the United States during the past few months because of the deal it’s offering. Within a short time, it has gained lots of attention from regular e-hoppers.

But, Is Legit? Let’s discover.

Determination of the reliability of the web portal:

Although the site has made shoppers curious with extensive-ranging materials and impressive price rates, checking reliability is most significant to keep your money and data safe from bad use. So, let’s find out together its trustability-

  • Trust-Point: The portal’s score on the Trust-Index parameter is 1/ 100.
  • Address legality: The details are legal, but its company name is not reflected on that address.
  • Age of the Web Portal: The age is approx 8 months, as the site starts functioning on 30th July 2021.
  • The ID of the Domain: The ID is
  • Reviews: We failed to see the com Reviews.
  • Community Networks: The network details are not provided on the web page.
  • Piracy Data: 20% common data and 5% piracy data.
  • Missing Details: cancellation policy and phone number.
  • Broken Links: Not visible.
  • Authorized By: The entire function is authorized by an ‘online shop.’
  • Skipped Page: Only a single page is found.
  • Payment Information: Multiple modes.

It’s been 8 months; still, the site has quite poor credibility in the market. Also, some details are doubtful and you must read the next section to get a clear answer.

What is the web portal?

The shop is a virtual retail shop, displaying mainly sports gear and outdoor materials. But, Is Legit? The shop has been featured on multiple media where people are querying about its worthiness. So, finding the answer, we reviewed the portal minutely and found- it possesses a minimalistic web design with handy navigation. The Homepage interface is pretty simple, comprising its product collection, menu headers and policy tab.

The menu headers are divided into Water Sports sections, Collection segment, Best Selling product details, Sports & Outdoor products and Hot selling products, along with the Home tab. Finally, coming to the description of the product- each commodity has an adequate description with pictures. Additionally, the price rate is pretty affordable.


  • Customers’ Comments: No com Reviews are there.
  • Site’s Link:
  • Physician Location Details: 14706-SW, 6th-st., Pembroke-Pines, Florida-33027, United States.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: We did not find out the number.
  • Product cancellation Process: The availability of this service is not sure, as the owner did not mention it.
  • Delivery Service: The service mode and time frame is not fixed, and you check it when you will be buying something.
  • Fees: The charges aren’t fixed, and it is only available at the check-out window.
  • Refund Service: The service duration isn’t available.
  • Is Legit: The site is not reliable.
  • Exchange Service: You can make exchanges with the help of a return policy. You can return the product and obtain a new one.
  • Product Return Policy: You have 30 days.
  • Payment Process: PayPal, Visa, Master Card, etc.


  • A wide-ranging product variety is visible.
  • It has an HTTPS connection.
  • Various payment modes.


  • Terrible trust-score.
  • Cancellation policy and reviews are not detected.
  • Social networks are missing.
  • Presence of skipped pages and piracy content.
  • The refund policy is unclear.
  • Phone number is not available.

Customers reviews on ‘Is Legit’:

The reviews are not present- not only on the site but also the other renowned feedback platforms like ‘TrustPilot.’ So, due to the absence of reviews, it’s hard to know how the service is.

Plus, the site’s network with community media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is missing. Therefore, no opinion is present on those platforms. So, better you fetch the regular shop, where you buy sports gear to avoid scams. Also, read the process to get a refund on PayPal for safe shopping.

Final Verdict:

The site’s authority is low to nil, so Is Legit? No, the shop seems not reliable due to poor trust-point, no remarks, no social network etc. Additionally, check the updates on how to get a refund on credit cards. Is the information above useful? Please write below in the comment section.

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