Is Alinmall Legit (Feb 2022) Essential Website Reviews!

Is Alinmall Legit? The site brings an outstanding collection of household materials at a rebate price. But, read this blog to know the shop’s trustability.

Are you seeking household gadgets online? Have you searched the store? If so, you probably have seen the ‘Alinmall’ store in the result section.

If you are satisfied with the store’s collection and about to try the site, you’re advised to pause your step and give 2 minutes on this blog. The site undoubtedly brings some useful household products available at a discounted rate for online shoppers in the United States; anyway, leaving all the facts, Is Alinmall Legit? How safe is his shop for users? Let’s find out.

How safe is the Alinmall shop?

To determine its safety and legitimacy, our fellow team has investigated certain essential aspects, which you should know before purchasing products.

  • Domain Age: The age of this shop is only 2.5 months, as it was created on 14th October 2021.
  • Location Legality: The shop has provided a legal address; however, the company name is absent.
  • Missing Information: Contact number.
  • Trust-Index: The index rate is 1 percent.
  • Social Channels: No links are observable on the site’s page.
  • Feedback: No availability of Alinmall Reviews.
  • Broken Links: 68 broken links are visible.
  • Operator Information: The ‘’ controls the business.
  • Plagiarism: 46% common data and 28% duplicate content.
  • Skipped Pages: Skipped pages counts are 52.
  • Payment Info: Several procedures have been provided to all buyers.
  • Domain ID: the ID is

Therefore, as of now, the shop seems to be a suspicious web store because certain factors are doubtful.

What is Alinmall?

The Alinmall is located in the UK, which brings a fantastic range of household tools, and appliances at a rebate rate. However, Is Alinmall Legit? The design of the shop is simple and catchy. Coming to the navigational system, anyone can access the shop easily; however, the products have featured only a single tab, i.e., All Products. Again a ‘Best Selling’ tab is present, which displays the most popular items according to the sold count.

But, we found that the shop should subcategorize their products instead of featuring them in only one tab. The sub-category is crucial as it increases the consumer’s satisfaction that ultimately helps increase authority. The products have details and discounts.


  • Comments: No, Alinmall Reviews are not available.
  • Site’s Link:
  • Product Details: Household products, tents, kitchen appliances, household tools, etc.
  • Address: 45-Tottenham Court Road, London-W1T 4TQ.
  • Phone Number: No number is provided.
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Shipping Method: The shipping is done at a domestic location and in foreign countries (United States). The timing can differ from 3 to 20 days.
  • Return Policy: The policy stays active for only 14 days.
  • Delivery Charges: Free shipping is present. But, the standard shipping charge is 3.99-15.99 USD based on the destination.
  • Is Alinmall Legit: The web store has a number of flaws.
  • Cancellation Policy: The cancellation is only made if the order isn’t shipped.
  • Replacement Policy: Unavailable.
  • Money Refund Policy: The money is refunded within one week to 2 weeks.
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, Visa, American Express, Master Card.


  • The store sells useful household and kitchen appliances.
  • Foreign transportation is active.
  • Free shipping is present.
  • SSL certificate is active.


  • The given address lacks its company name.
  • Poor trust-index.
  • Absence of reviews and community media platforms.
  • High piracy content, broken links and skipped pages are present.
  • The contact number is missing.

Is Alinmall Legit- what do customers think?

The user’s opinion couldn’t be fetched as no comments are readable on the site. No product or service reviews are present on the store’s site. Moreover, we found no option to deliver the remarks about its products and service.

No remarks are present on the external platforms as well; additionally, the shop has no link with community media such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. So, considering other famous shops to buy household products can be better. Also, read the tips and tricks about getting refunds on PayPal and stay safe from online scams.

Final Verdict:

Is Alinmall Legit? The site is newly established, possessing a poor trust index, no remarks and social accounts. Moreover, the address is also doubtful; there is high plagiarism, many broken links, and skipped pages. So, this shop requires time to prove its goodwill in the market. Also, check the process to receive a refund on credit cards. Is this article’s detail satisfactory? Please mention below.

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  1. Alinmall wy are they allowed to be in business if the dont even display a legit Phonenumber !!!That should be a minimum requirement.

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