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Azzlee Online Website Reviews

Please read this account to answer your question Is Azzlee Legit regarding a new online store that sells women’s fashion clothing like dresses, hoodies, etc.

Are you looking for stylish garments to wear this spring? Do you like putting on colorful and matching outfits as daily wear? Do you want to try a new portal that sells fashionable dresses? Then, please read on to find the necessary information.

In this composition, we have discussed a recent online store related to women’s fashion. Shoppers from many nations, such as the United States and Canada, want to learn about this platform. Therefore, please continue reading to address your doubt Is Azzlee Legit.

Is Azzlee Trustworthy?

Please find some particulars about this website, before looking into its products. These details will help you determine the authenticity of this platform.

  • Website Age – The platform is ten months old, as its creation date is 25 April 2021.
  • Website Trust Index – 5%, which is a Very Bad Trust Score.
  • Alexa Rank – 1,358,159, which is substandard grading. It indicates customers have not explored this website much.
  • Reviews of Customers – We found some products with mixed customer reviews. However, the dates mentioned along with them are before the developers created this platform. Thus, we could not trust the Azzlee Reviews available on this website.
  • The Authenticity of Contact Information – The contact address mentioned on this website is associated with several other platforms on the Net. Also, this address does not have any pin code and seems incomplete. The developers have also mentioned that this is not the return address. Moreover, the team has not provided any telephone number. So, customers can only rely on the e-mail id.
  • Social Media Connections – The website is linked to its social media handles on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

The above facts portray mixed opinions about this website. Thus, we cannot declare Is Azzlee Legit and request customers to research further.

What is Azzlee?

Azzlee is an online store that sells fashion clothing for women. The items include tops, trousers, dresses, etc. The website is currently offering a clearance sale of winter wear like sweaters, cardigans, etc.


  • Portal Type – An online e-commerce platform that deals with fashion items for women like tops and dresses.
  • Portal Address –
  • Contact Address – Haiguang Building, Number 33, Shuixian Rd, District Siming, Xiamen
  • Phone Number – Not mentioned.
  • E-mail Id – [email protected]
  • Terms and Conditions – Present
  • Social Media Linking – Available (This can help you confirm your query regarding Is Azzlee Legit).
  • Privacy Policy – Mentioned
  • Sorting and Filtering – Available
  • Shipping Details – Shipping usually takes 7 to 15 working days with minimum charges of $9.99. Free shipping is available for orders above $89.
  • Return and Refunds Policies – Shoppers can return the products within 30 days of receipt. The team shall refund the amount within 5 to 15 working days.
  • Payment Options – Credit and debit cards of Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal.
  • Product Prices – Mentioned in USD.


  • The products have vibrant prints and designs.
  • The developers have mentioned the policies elaborately.

Cons Regarding Is Azzlee Legit

  • The contact address available on this website does not seem genuine. It is linked with numerous portals on the Net. Also, it is incomplete as it does not have the zip code.
  • No contact number is mentioned on this platform.
  • The customer reviews mentioned on this website raise critical doubts about this portal’s genuineness. This is because some of them have the dates of 2020, whereas the website was created in 2021.
  • The pricing of the clearance sale is very low. Therefore, they seem too good to be true, and the products’ quality may not be satisfactory.

Azzlee Reviews

We could not find any user’s comments about this website on Quora or Reddit. It is apparent that customers have not trusted this website to buy its products or review them. However, we found some products on this website with customer reviews. But we could not rely upon them as the corresponding dates were much before the designers established the website. Therefore, please know how to Get Your Money-Back From PayPal scammers to stay safe.

The Final Verdict

The facts we gathered suggest mixed feedback about this website. Therefore, we cannot proclaim Is Azzlee Legit and request buyers to research further. Also, please know how to Get money refund on credit card for alertness. Furthermore, you may like to read about dresses and their history.

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