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Barusha Online Website Reviews
Reading the below written informative article, you will be able to figure out ‘Is Barusha Legit‘ or not as well as the site’s features, review details, etc.

Choosing gifts for kids is the most challenging job, according to parents. Several options are available; however, we always tend to give the best thing to our kids, and the search for the best thing can be tiresome. But, now the United States-based website Barusha is here, totally dedicated to selling kids’ toys, dollhouses in the.

Well, Is Barusha Legit? As you can’t determine the product quality by touching it as well as can’t get an idea about their client service. You need to check the authenticity before making a purchase from unknown portals. Today, let’s check together this site-

Checking the reliability of Barusha:

Read the listed points mentioned below-

  • Barusha’s been present in the ecommerce retail sector for about 6 years. The date of establishment is 29th July 2015.
  • The domain had been listed as on 22NET, INC.
  • More than 50% of the site’s writing has plagiarism.
  • Adequate Barusha Reviews are not available.
  • The index point is below average; it is around 40%. 
  • It has a valid Facebook account.
  • The business is authorized by ‘Barusha.’
  • The location details are partially matched on the map.

Thus, following the above data, we can’t see much brand name the site has succeeded in creating in the past 6 years, which is accepted. We think the site needs to focus on brand building, as well as some facts revealing the portal is fishy.

What is Barusha?

Barusha is a kid’s gift product online retail shop that sells in India. But Is Barusha Legit? Well, a point should be focused that the site’s products menu is wholly based on kid’s toys as they are showing plush toys and dollhouse section; however, at the Home page, ‘Turn on Sport Mode’ is written, which shows the site sells sports gear- it is a fishy fact that we have found.

Coming to information, each item has a long and precise description with demo pictures and color options. Plus, you can have the option of purchasing more than 1 item at a time. Nevertheless, to find its reliability, we need to check more-


  • Users Reaction: There are no proper Barusha Reviews available.
  • Web Link:
  • Phone Number: +1(314) 391-2119
  • Address: 3725, Guinevere-st, Houston, Texas- 77129, USA.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Shipping Details: Domestic as well as international shipping is made between 5 to 15 business days.
  • Transportation Costs: Both domestic (in the USA) and international shipping come with free-of-cost facilities. 
  • Return Availability: 1 month of the total period is alloted for every purchaser.
  • Cancellation Availability: It is unavailable.
  • Refund policy: The full refund process takes 3 working days.
  • Payment Gateways: Credit card- Mastercard, Maestro, and Visa.
  • Is Barusha Legit: It has several red flags.
  • Replacement Policy: The exchange policy is valid only for broken or defective products.


  • The site has the latest kid’s playing items collections
  • Price is sensible.
  • It provides service in foreign countries.
  • Domestic and international transportation charges are ‘0.’
  • Barusha has a legit SSL certificate.


  • Only single type payment mode.
  • Address information is not fully matched with a valid location ID.
  • The site is based in the USA; however, its products come from china.
  • Remarks are unavailable.
  • Inactive community platforms account.
  • Highly copied content.

Is Barusha Legit- Users reaction:

Following research and data, Barusha has been giving services for more than 6 years; however, surprisingly, it hasn’t gained any reviews on its own portal. Again checking the record on the internet, we did not get success to find appropriate users comments. Some videos and articles are available, which also describe that it has unprofessional design, and metadata has no element, which ultimately lessens its credibility.

Additionally, a Facebook account is found that possesses only one follower and like. After checking this, you need to find another popular site to buy kids gifts. Also, know everything about how to get refunds on PayPal fraud.

Final Verdict:

Is Barusha Legit? Though it has a good age and mediocre index rate, the credibility is not at all worthy. Some points need to be highlighted- address seems inappropriate, no reviews, inactive account on Facebook, no consumer engaging campaign is made so far, since the site seems not to be entirely legit. Also, read some tricks to receive money on credit card scams. Is this blog satisfactory? Please comment below.

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