Is Bensett Legit (March 2022) Check Detailed Reviews!

Bensett Online Website Reviews
Here we have gathered all the details about Is Bensett Legit so that you can have an absolutely safe and pleasant experience with your favorite adventure sport.

Are you a skiing enthusiast? Do you like to glide through the snow effortlessly? Good skiing boards are essential for a smooth and safe skiing experience. Many reputed stores in the United KingdomCanada, and the United States offer the best quality skiing boards.

But if you lack time to visit any of them, then you may consider the online store named In that case, it is necessary to know Is Bensett Legit or will it cause trouble?

Reliability of the Website

Your safety is associated with the skiing board. Hence, it might be a little risky to buy such a crucial item online without proper research about the site concerned. So, here are the details

  • Address Legitimacy: No address is found on the website
  • Domain Age: 2 months only
  • Registration Date: The domain was created on 23-12-2021
  • Website’s Originality: A moderate amount of duplicate content is seen on the site
  • Rank in Alexa: The website sits on the 4,460,825th rank
  • Modes of Transaction: Only PayPal payments are accepted
  • Bensett Reviews: There is not even a single review seen
  • Contact Information: Only email address is given 
  • Clarity of Policies: Not clear
  • Owner’s Name: No information is available
  • Website’s Trust Index: Terrible trust score of just 1%
  • Presence on Social Media: The site is absent on social media
  • Unrealistic discounts- We find discounts that can be impracticable. 

Not even a single detail of the website gives a positive impression regarding its legitimacy.

Introduction to

The website is a new member of the e-commerce industry. It specializes in skiing and camping accessories. Its offerings include skiing boards, snowboards, tops, pants, gloves for both men and women, and some other items. The details of Is Bensett Legit show us that a sale is active on the website. 

But this huge discount seems a little suspicious as it makes the price unbelievably cheap. However, each product has a clear description of itself. The items of its vast collection come in different colors and sizes

Specifications of the Website

  • Website Link: 
  • Office Address: The website does not provide any address
  • Office Hours: Not mentioned on the site
  • Writing Address: [email protected] 
  • Phone Number: No phone number is found on the website
  • Area Served: Products are delivered all over the world
  • Customer’s Reviews: There are no Bensett Reviews on the internet
  • Shipping Methods: Two methods are followed for shipping – Standard and VIP shipping
  • Shipping Charges: Variable as per the shipping address and method
  • Free Shipping: Due to the sale, all the standard mode shipping are free of cost
  • Available Payment Methods: Payment is to be done through PayPal
  • Return Period: 30 days return period is available
  • Return Charges: Return shipping fees are to be paid by the buyers
  • Warranty Details: The products come with a manufacturers’ warranty of 1-2 years
  • Damaged Items: Eligible for free exchange
  • Refund Policy: Nothing is mentioned in this regard, making us suspicious about Is Bensett Legit or not.
  • Exchange Policy: No information is available
  • Cancellation Terms: This data is unavailable
  • Social Media: The website has no sign on social media


  • Worldwide delivery is available
  • 30 days return policy is applicable
  • Warranty for the products is offered
  • Damaged products are exchanged for free


  • Many policy details are absence
  • The website has no presence on social media
  • No review is seen about the shopping portal
  • No phone number is available for making any urgent contact
  • The amount of discount is too good to believe

What Do the Buyers Think – Is Bensett Legit?

All the new e-commerce portals try to build a good reputation through effective communication with their buyers. But unfortunately, this particular website seems to have no such intention. Though the site mentions some social media links, those are false. So, we suggest you know How to Get a Refund on Paypal, If Scammed.

The absence of the website on social media makes it hard to get a glimpse of the customers’ thoughts. The official website is also unable to provide us with any view from any customer regarding the quality of the snowboards.

Final Words

Our research about Is Bensett Legit leads us to believe that the website is not trustworthy as there is not even a single positive aspect of this website. Hence, we advise you not to visit the website to avoid being a Victim of Credit Card Fraud. You can also share your opinion about this website in the comments.

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