Is Bolooktv Legit {Mar} Read Its Complete Review Here!

Bolooktv Online Website Reviews

This research will show you all the necessary details on Is Bolooktv Legit. You can judge the store on its legitimacy and reliability.

Are you a fan of grilled food or Barbecue? If yes, we have good news for you all. The Bolooktv shop in the United States has all the barbeque collection and the clothing collection. So if you are searching for such stores, Bolooktv is the best option.

Is Bolooktv Legit? Customers must know if their shopping store is safe or not. So, to judge this store’s accuracy and trustworthiness, kindly read this post carefully as it is essential information that will help you.

Is this website trustworthy?

Do you know if this site is good for you? Young people and grown-ups prefer online shopping. But, you could not trust the site blindly without sufficient knowledge about this shop. You need to check several factors to detect the legitimacy of any particular website. These factors include trust index, privacy policy, Bolooktv Reviews, registration date, and social media availability. All these factors play a significant role in judging the transparency of any online website. Here we are sharing some valuable details about this site ahead. It is requested that all the readers not skip this section. 

  • Domain life: November 20, 2021, is the domain life registration date of Bolooktv shop. The site is two and a half months old.
  • Registrar: Bolooktv’s registrar is NameCheap, Inc.
  • Trust Score: The Bolooktv got a 1 percent trust index. This is a poor rate of trust index. 
  • Customer’s opinion: Based on Is Bolooktv Legit, our research team could not find any reviews and ratings on the items. On the other hand, there are no ratings and reviews on online sites.
  • Social media page: The availability on social media is not seen. The site did not have a page on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Data safety: The website uses secure ways to transfer data through the HTTPS protocol.
  • Privacy Policy: Terms and conditions, privacy policy, and the refund or return, shipping policies are mentioned in a detailed way. The order cancellation policy is unseen.
  • Missing information: The store’s telephone number, address, and email is mentioned appropriately, but the Owner’s name is not mentioned. 

Brief as per Is Bolooktv Legit

Bolooktv store is a multipurpose online shop where buyers can look not only for apparel but can also find kitchen-related items. If you are a barbecue fan, this site has a fantastic collection of all these products. Let’s have a look at the website’s collection:

  • Men’s Tops
  • Coats & Jackets
  • Men’s Bottoms
  • Outdoor Eating and Cooking
  • Barbecue & Grill 
  • Barbecue Tools
  • Ladder Tree stand

If you want such products, kindly visit this store.

Features of Bolooktv store

  • Purchase coats from
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Location: 3542 Nc 58 Hwy, 3542 Nc 58 Hwy, North Carolina,27549, Louisburg, US.
  • Phone number: +12516516770
  • Based on Is Bolooktv Legit, we are unable to find any legit reviews on their collection. Moreover, there are no trustworthy ratings found on online sites.
  • Return/refund policy:
  • The refund policy lasts for thirty-five days if you are unsatisfied. A refund and replacement are claimed within 35 days.
  • The estimated delivery time is 10-22 days. 
  • A shipping fee is charged for orders under $50 ( $9.95).
  • The payment methods shown are PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Amex, etc.

Positive Highlights

  • Phone number, email, and location are found.
  • Free shipping on $50+.

Negative Highlights

  •  The Owner’s identity is unfound.
  • We could not find any reviews on the collection and other sites.
  • Social media accounts are not available.

Bolooktv Reviews

Our research team could find contact details like the phone number, address, and email id of the site. But unfortunately, there are no details of the Owner’s identity. Furthermore, we could not have any pages on social media. Therefore, this website has no reviews and ratings by the customers on their collection. Moreover, there are no reviews found on online websites. This means it is not trustworthy.

Furthermore, the website got a poor rank on Alexa. To check the methods to secure your bank account from credit card frauds, please check this page.

Final Summary

Based on Is Bolooktv Legit, we found that the shop has a poor life expectancy. It is two and a half-month-old website. Also, it got a poor rate of the trust factor. We do not recommend it to our viewers. Kindly visit this page mentioned here to know more about Barbecue

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  1. I was looking for storage sheds and this Bolooktv offers for $79 sheds were mixed into the line up of otherwise far more expensive sheds of similar size and materials…
    I very much appreciate your oversite of these scam companies…
    Thank You

    1. Hello! Thank you for updating and posting your kind words here. We always try to keep our readers informed and stay protected from online scams through our review blogs. Thank You! Stay Connected and Stay Safe!

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