Is Cardnecklaces com Legit (Dec) Get Reliable Reviews!

Cardnecklaces Online Website Reviews
The article is here to guide you about an e-commerce portal that has attractive jewelry collections and will tell you about Is Cardnecklaces com Legit or not. 

Do you want to give a surprise to the woman of your life? Whether it is your mother, your sister, or your wife, women of our life are always dedicated to making our life better. So, all women Worldwide deserve to be pampered once in a while. And the best way to do so is to surprise them with a beautiful gift.

There is a place that can help you in this regard, but first, we must determine Is Cardnecklaces com Legit?

The legitimacy of the Website

It is a known fact that online shopping is riskier than offline shopping, but it is also more convenient. So before shopping online, we should always check the following data about the concerned website.

  • Age of the Website: 1 year
  • Clarity of Policies: Unclear 
  • Owners’ Data: the owners’ identity is not revealed
  • Date of Registration: 19-11-2020
  • Website’s Trust Score: An average trust score of 45%
  • Payment Information: The site accepts payment through various modes 
  • How to Contact: The website provides both phone number and email address
  • Address Legality: No address is given on the site
  • Cardnecklaces com Reviews: The reviews are mostly positive 
  • Alexa Rank: The website’s rank on the Alexa is 497,473
  • Website’s Originality: The website is primarily original
  • Social Accounts: The website is active on both Instagram and Facebook

As per the details, the website holds an average reputation. That is why we must do more research to ensure its legitimacy.


The concept of is unique. It sells beautiful light necklaces for women. With every necklace, you have a beautiful card that has a beautiful message written on it. The description of each product, including its material details, is given on the site, which will help us understand Is Cardnecklaces com Legit or not.

The site also offers an affordable price, and it is effortless to browse through the website. However, the message on the card cannot be personalized, which is a drawback.

Know the Specific Details

  • Find the Perfect Necklace Here: 
  • Office Address: No address is found on the site
  • Phone Number: (+1) 818-659-6987
  • Working Hours: No information is found
  • Send an Email: [email protected] 
  • Delivery Range: Worldwide delivery is available
  • Shipping Policy: Two types of shipping methods are available – Standard and Priority shipping
  • Delivery Charges: Priority shipping is chargeable, and the charge varies as per the shipping address
  • Customers’ Cardnecklaces Reviews: Most of the reviews found are positive
  • Free Shipping: Standard shipping is provided free of cost
  • Return Terms: 30 days return period is offered
  • Cost for Return: 15% of the total order value is charged as a restocking fee
  • Return Shipping Fees: Nothing is mentioned in this regard
  • Exchange Requests: No exchange is allowed
  • Refund Policy: Not clear
  • Cancellation Policy: The site has not mentioned any cancellation policy
  • Discount Offer: The more you buy, the discount percentage gets higher
  • Payment Details: Variable modes of payments are present
  • Social Activity: The website has pages on Instagram and Facebook

Are the advantages enough to answer Is Cardnecklaces com Legit?

  • There is 30 days return policy available
  • Payments can be made through various modes
  • Product details are mentioned in detail
  • A free shipping option is available
  • A discount offer is found
  • Worldwide delivery is provided

What are the Disadvantages?

  • Restock fee is charged
  • Policies are not clearly states
  • Exchange is not allowed
  • No certification is given for the jewelry
  • No option for putting a personalized message on the card is given

Learn about the Customers’ Reaction

As per our findings, there are many reviews where buyers have expressed their satisfaction with the products offered by this particular e-commerce portal. As per the answers of Is Cardnecklaces com Legit, almost all the reviews found on the website give the products a 5-star rating. Only a few 4-star ratings are seen. Here you can also know How to Get a Full Refund on Credit Card Scam.

The site’s Facebook page only shows three reviews in total, where two are positive, and one is negative. There is no rating on social media about the website. Here you can gather more information about

Final Verdict

The website has many negative points and missing details, but it also offers several pros. Our research about Is Cardnecklaces com Legit led us to believe that this website is only for experienced shoppers who have the knowledge of how to Get Your Money-Back from Scammers. Do not hesitate to share your comments in this matter below.

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