Is Cassikee Legit {March 2022} Detailed Website Review!

Cassikee Online Website Reviews

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Are you looking for an excellent place to buy electronics? Have you tried purchasing products via the internet? Have you heard of Cassikee? If you don’t know, then you should read this article.

Most people in the United States prefer to buy their products online, which they regard as the safest option. You must check plenty of things before purchasing electronics online. We’ve covered most of the details in this article to know, Is Cassikee Legit?

Is the website Cassikee Legit a scam?

Let’s check the facts of the website.

  • Domain created year: This website was founded on 3rd June 2021. 
  • Trust Score: This website carries an inferior trust score of 1%.
  • Valid Contact Number: we can’t find a valid contact number on their website 
  • Reliable Official Address: It is not unique in the market.
  • Discounts- They didn’t mention discount details on their website.
  • Social Media Presence: they are not connected with any social media 
  • Websites Owner Name: We cannot get the owner’s name on their website, and we can’t get Cassikee Reviews
  • Percentage of Pirated Content: It contains 26% duplicate content from another similar website.
  • Alexa Ranking: This website doesn’t have a secure position on the ranking website Alexa.

Know more about Cassikee

Cassikee is an online shopping portal they are selling electronics items, plenty of furniture items, and sports activity things to their customers. You can get multiple varieties of products from their website, and they also provide free delivery for their products. But these things will not prove that the website is legit. 

Read the following specification details of the website to verify, Is Cassikee Legit or not


Shopping online can be a risk sometimes, so you need to be careful while checking the specification. You should know the below things it will help you provide the website’s trustworthiness. You should not simply visit the online portal for some discount offer as a buyer. When you fall for discounts and offers, you lose the quality of the product.

  • Website URL–
  • The domain created date-3rd June 2021
  • The website will end on– 3rd June 2022
  • Phone number– this portal didn’t post a valid phone number on their website, so it’s hard to identify, Is Cassikee Legit? 
  • Reliable Official Address: 85 cottonwood circle, Pryor, Oklahoma,74361, United States
  • Free shipping- It offers free delivery.
  • Email address[email protected]
  • Return Policy- you can contact the email to return the item
  • Social Media– Absent 
  • Shipping Policy– the detailed shipping policy information is not available on the web portal. 
  • Refund Policy– acceptable without any damage 
  • Exchange Policy– if you approach them earlier, they accept and deliver the new one. 
  • Non-refundable goods will not accept certain products such as flowers, plants, and some hazardous liquids. 
  • Payment modes– they accept debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal. 

Let’s see the pros of this website to know Is Cassikee Legit or not 

  • On this website, we can buy multiple products 
  • The website uses HTTPS( SSL) encryption 

Cons to know about this website

  • They didn’t mention a valid contact number on their portal
  • We found that this website carries a poor trust score level. 
  • They didn’t have social media connection. 

These are the positive and negative sides of the website. Now you have clarified some of the information about this website. Likewise, it would be best to cross-check the portal on the different websites. When you don’t get any valid information, you need to step away from the website.

About Cassikee Reviews

On their official website, they don’t mention any reviews from their customer. We also didn’t get feedback on their portal on any other site. So we recommend you don’t invest your money in this website because they also have a poor level of trust score. 

The absence of data indicates that the site may be suspect. As a result, we advise customers to read Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam and conduct further research.


We have covered significant details about the website with the help of our detailed research. Our main motto is to create an awareness to know Is Cassikee Legit or not. So that now you can know that buying things from this website can be risky. 

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