Is Flowershopping Legit {Feb 2022} Read Fair Reviews!

Flowershopping Online Website Reviews

The write-up will help you to choose the right flower shop for you to have a pleasant experience by informing you about the answers to Is Flowershopping Legit?

Who does not love flowers? Unless you are allergic to flowers, a beautiful bouquet can put a happy ending even to one of your bad days. It is the ultimate way to refresh your dull mood. So, if you are confused about choosing a gift for someone, go for flowers without any hesitation.

Whether in Canada or the United States, like everything else, flowers are also available online now. So, learning Is Flowershoppoing Legit or not will come in handy for all flower lovers.

The legitimacy of the Website

Flowers are pretty delicate. So, while buying them online, we need to know about the service of the concerned store.

  • Ownership: The identity of the owner is not known
  • Transaction Details: Only card payments are accepted
  • Address Legality: Google Map holds only a partial match for the given address
  • Website’s Age: The site is 23 years old
  • Domain Registration: 21-12-1998
  • Contact Information: Email addresses and phone numbers are available
  • Website’s Rank: The website sits on the 237,476th rank on Alexa
  • Customers’ Flowershopping Reviews: Mixed reviews are found 
  • Trust Index: It has a great trust score of 86%
  • Policy Details: most details are missing
  • Plagiarism Amount: No data is found in this regard
  • Social Accounts: the website has official accounts of different social media platforms

The website has several suspicious aspects, and we need to research more deeply to understand its original nature.

About the Website

Flowershopping is a 23 years old online flower shop. It offers numerous beautiful flowers and bouquets. It also sells different plants and gourmet baskets, including fruit baskets, chocolate baskets, homerun baskets etc. As per the details of Is Flowershopping Legit, this site only serves in the US, and the pricing is also a bit high.

Unfortunately, not much information is available about the owner company of the site, and the checkout process is also quite lengthy. Probably if you register yourself as a member of the website, the checkout becomes a little easier for you.

Specifications of the Website

  • Website’s Link Address: 
  • Office Address: P.O. 4618, Mission Viejo, CA 92690
  • Phone Number: 1-800-790-4779 for placing an order and for customer service 1-888-445-8828
  • Email Id: [email protected] 
  • Office Hours: No information is available
  • Reviews: There are mixed Flowershopping Reviews available on the internet
  • Shipping Range: The website only serves in 
  • Free Delivery: No data is seen in this matter
  • Shipping Policy: Same day delivery is offered only if the order is placed within a particular time
  • Delivery Costs: $16.95 is applied on every purchase as a handling and delivery charge
  • Return Procedures: No details are found regarding the return policy
  • Return Charges: Not available
  • Refund Details: We could not find any data about the refund
  • Exchange Policy: There is no mention of this policy
  • Order Cancellation: The data is not available
  • Payment Modes: Pay through cards only
  • Social Media Activity: Official pages are seen on social media

Is Flowershopping Legit Due to the Advantages?

  • A wide range of flowers are available
  • Fruits and chocolates are also offered
  • Same day delivery option is provided

What Are the Disadvantages?

  • Service is only provided in the US
  • The products on this site hold expensive price tags
  • No free shipping option is found
  • A singular mode of payment is available
  • Important details about the policies are missing

A Glimpse in the Customers’ Thoughts

The website has been operating for a long period of 23 years. There are numerous reviews on the official website, and they are all saying only good things about the services. However, we cannot solely depend on these comments to answer Is Flowershopping Legit as sometimes these are made up. So, it is safer to learn the Methods To Get Money Back On Credit Cards.

On further digging, we came across the site’s official Facebook page. Though the review section is disabled on this page, the comments on the posts show some dissatisfaction on the part of some customers. Also, most of the comments are hidden here, which arises suspicious about the website. You may visit here to know more about Flowershopping.

Final Verdict

Though the website has been in the market for a long time, its details make us suspicious regarding Is Flowershopping Legit or not. Hence before making any purchase here, you must know how to Get Your Money-Back From Scammers using PayPal. If you are an existing customer of the site, kindly share your opinion about their service in the comments.

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