Is Hipbell Legit {March 2022} Read Fact Filled Reviews!

Hipbell Online Website Reviews

The purpose of this article is to make you aware of the authentic answers of Is Hipbell Legit so that you can have a safer online shopping experience.

Do you feel comfortable in T-shirts? Is it your ultimate go-to fashion statement? In this case, a black t-shirt should be a must-have for your wardrobe. T-shirts are so versatile that they can be styled in so many ways, and they are the most comfortable wear as well.

In the United States, there is a new destination for all t-shirt lovers. But it is crucial to find out Is Hipbell Legit or not before we start making purchases there.

Is the Website Genuine or Scam?

Some legitimacy checkpoints are very helpful in understanding the legitimacy of any online shopping portal. The data about the concerned website is as follow

  • Owners’ Identity: This information is hidden
  • Policy Clarity: Some details are missing
  • Address Details: The address is seen on the Google Maps
  • Ways to contact: Both phone number and email address is there for making contact
  • Website’s Age: It is only 2 months old
  • Date of Registration: 08-01-2022
  • Website’s Trust Index: The website holds a horrible trust score of 1%
  • Hipbell Reviews: No reviews are seen from the customers 
  • Plagiarism: The website has a large amount of duplicate content
  • Transaction Modes: Credit cards only
  • Social Media Accounts: The portal does not own any official social media page

Based on the details found about this website, we may come to the conclusion that it is risky to trust the website.

Overview of Hipbell

This is an e-commerce portal that has started business only 2 months ago. This particular shopping portal is focused on selling t-shirts only. They have five products in total to showcase, and all of their t-shirts are unisex and black in color. So, as per details of Is Hipbell Legit or not, people who like bright and pop colors may get disappointed here.

However, the prices here are too cheap to believe, and there is no technical data found about the owner of this site.

Specific Details of Hipbell

  • Website’s Link Address: 
  • Office Address: 2414 Ponderosa Dr, Lawrence, KS 66046, US
  • Phone Number: +1551-220-9029 & +1803-619-0424
  • Email Id: [email protected] 
  • Office Hours: This information is not given on the site
  • Portal Type: E-commerce portal selling t-shirts
  • Shipping Time: The whole process takes approx. 12 -13 days
  • Shipping Methods: A singular mode of shipping is followed
  • Reviews from customers: No Hipbell Reviews is seen on the internet
  • Delivery Charges: All orders are shipped for free
  • International Orders: It does not accept international orders
  • Return Period: return request can be made within 30 days of receiving the product
  • Exchange Condition: No exchange is allowed on the site
  • Cancellation Terms: Nothing is mentioned 
  • Payment Modes: Only credit card payments are accepted
  • Return Charges: No details are seen in this matter
  • Refund Details: Refund is a subject of approval 
  • Other Charges: customers have to bear shipping charges if a wrong shipping address is given
  • Social Activity: The website is not at all active on social media

Are the pros enough to answer Is Hipbell Legit?

  • The prices are pretty cheap
  • All the orders are eligible for free shipping
  • 24/7 customer support is promised
  • 30 days return period is available

How hazardous are the cons?

  • Policy details are missing data
  • No exchange facility is offered
  • Very few products are available
  • Not a single review is available on the internet
  • Only serves in the United States
  • A single method is available for making payments

Customers’ reactions regarding the website’s services

One of the significant drawbacks of this website is that it lacks reviews. This fact makes us suspicious regarding Is Hipbell Legit? Neither has any of its customers left any comments regarding the t-shirts available here, nor does the site provide any scope for the buyers to do so.

Also, the website has no sign on social media, due to which it is impossible to find any reviews from there as well. Hence, learning Everything You Should Know About Paypal Scam will be helpful to save you from any potential threat.

Final Opinion

Our research and analysis leave no scope for doubt regarding the suspicious nature of this website. The sum of all these data makes the answer of Is Hipbell Legit pretty clear. So, avoid the site to protect yourself from being a Victim of Credit Card Fraud. Also, kindly share your valuable opinion about the article in the comments below.

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  1. I was looking up compound miter saws on the web. I found a site selling a Dewalt 12 inch miter saw for 98 dollars. Very very cheap then I found a Honda 7000 eu generator for the price of the miter saw. That blew my mind. That is why I am here. Except the place is in Florida. I would have to say this is a scam.

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