Is Hulianshop Legit (Feb) Read Important Website Reviews

Hulianshop Online Website Reviews

Please read this article to confirm your question Is Hulianshop Legit regarding an online platform that deals with paddling boards for watersports and yoga. 

Are you a person who loves water adventures and viewing nature? Do you have a flair for paddleboarding? Are you looking for a sturdy paddleboard that you can carry while hiking? Then, please read further and learn all the necessary details.

In this article, we have mentioned facts about an online platform dealing with this sport. Customers from various nations, such as Spain, Italy, Norway, and the United Kingdom, want to know if this site is authentic. Thus, please read this write-up to confirm your query Is Hulianshop Legit.

Is Hulianshop Authentic?

Please find some details about this website that we researched from the Net. These particulars will help you gain surety about this platform’s genuineness.

  • Portal Age – We could not find any information about this website’s creation date on the Internet. This itself is a suspicious fact as its domain registration is unknown.
  • Portal Trust Score – 27%, which falls under the category of a Bad Trust Score.
  • Ranking in Alexa – The database of Alexa does not have any grading for this portal.
  • Customer Reviews – There is no section on this website where customers can write the Hulianshop Reviews.
  • Social Media Linking – The portal does not have any social media connections, which is a critical fact concerning its authenticity.
  • Genuineness of Contact Information – The contact address present on the Terms of Service page belongs to a workshop and not the website. Moreover, the telephone number is flagged as suspicious on the Web. 
  • Missing Policies – The owners have not provided the Shipping, Return, Exchange, or Refund policies. Without the presence of these policies, the legitimacy of this website becomes at stake.

The pieces of information above represent suspiciousness about this website. However, we cannot declare Is Hulianshop Legit as it may be new or underdeveloped. 

What is Hulianshop?

Hulianshop is an online e-commerce platform that sells standup paddling boards that customers can carry to adventurous tours. Shoppers can also use this board for yoga or exercises. Currently, we found only two products on this website.


  • Website Type – An online electronic commerce website that sells paddling boards for hiking and watersports.
  • Website Address –
  • Contact Address – Kegnæsvej 20, Town-Sydals, Zip Code – 6470
  • Telephone Number – (+45) 91 713 243
  • E-mail Address [email protected]
  • Social Media Linking – Absent (It is a vital point to consider regarding your doubt Is Hulianshop Legit).
  • Sort By – Present 
  • Filter By – Absent
  • Shipping Details – Free delivery is applicable on all orders. The delivery timeframe is unavailable.
  • Return and Refunds Policy – The website follows a money-back policy of sixty days. 
  • Products’ Price – Mentioned in Euro.
  • Payment Methods – Debit and credit cards of MasterCard and Visa.
  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy – Present


  • The developers have provided descriptive images and videos for using the product.
  • The team has explicitly mentioned the specifications of the item.
  • All legal points are available on the Privacy Policy page.

Disadvantages Concerning Is Hulianshop Legit

  • The owners have not linked this website to any social media forum.
  • Customers cannot trust this portal as it lacks reviews.
  • The team has not mentioned essential policies like shipping, returns, exchange, or refunds. Vague information is available on the home page related to the refund and delivery.
  • The contact details mentioned on the website are dubious. The address belongs to a workshop and not the portal. Also, many users have flagged the contact number as suspicious on the Web.
  • The number of products on this website is limited. It indicates that this website may be under construction or new.  

Hulianshop Reviews

We tried looking for this platform’s reviews on Reddit and Quora. Unfortunately, we could not get any information. It may happen that buyers have not purchased products from this website yet and reviewed them. Also, there is no section on the website where customers can post their opinions. So, we could not fetch any details from there either. Therefore, we request you read how to Get Your Money-Back From PayPal Scammers before exploring such portals.

The Final Verdict

The details suggest this website may be suspicious. However, we cannot proclaim Is Hulianshop Legit due to the absence of sufficient data. Therefore, you must know How to Get a Refund on Credit Card to be alert. Also, you may like to read about standup paddleboarding and its types. 

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