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Laboby Online Website Reviews

This article has useful facts about Is Laboby Legit to let viewers know whether the shopping store is trustworthy to order the products or not.

Do you want to become a trendsetter among your peers? Do you want to boost your fashion style? Fashion-savvy females across the United States and other global areas keep searching for trending dresses.

Many clothing brands and portals usually display images instantly, grabbing visitors’ attention. Therefore, reviewing the website and its shopping portal before ordering your clothing items is highly suggested. So, let’s check whether the information is associated with Is Laboby Legit or not through the article below.

Is Laboby Scam?

  • Website information – Laboby’s website was registered on November 18, 2021.
  • Domain details– Laboby’s domain name is and is about 205 days old online platform.
  • Social Media profiles– Laboby has not maintained or created any social media profile and account.
  • Rating- Laboby has gained only 6.6 trust ratings, showing it as a suspicious online store.
  • Trust Index– Laboby has got a 5% trust score. It exhibits that the Laboby’s shopping portal has limited viewers.
  • RankLaboby achieved a 38.8 rank, proving its online shopping store highly untrustworthy.
  • Customer Reviews- We could not find any Laboby Reviews on online review websites.

So, will you rely only on the images of Laboby to buy a product? Never do that! Check out Laboby’s authenticity before shopping.

What exactly is Laboby?

Laboby is an online shopping site where users can go through a massive collection of dresses and other trendsetting products. It claimed its website as a consumer-centric platform and mentioned the founding date as 2016, whereas the online information shows it as 205 days old shopping site. 

It also claims to offer excellent, high-quality products with star-style designs, making you a trendsetter and distinguishing you from the crowd. But, if it is a fake website, you may not get the products ordered. So, checking Is Laboby Legit is a must since its website’s information is questionable. Also, its products, such as bottoms, dresses, swimming pool items, two pieces, swimming pool products, canopies, etc., are expensive. 

Specifications of Laboby:

  • Website URL –
  • E-mail ID –
  • Phone Number – +125 1340 1338
  • The address information of its shopping portal is 15001 Covey Road Montague, 96064, California, U.S.
  • Business Hours- Not Available 
  • Available payment options are Maestro, PayPal, Visa, JCB, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club.
  • Shipping policy- Laboby ships orders within one to three business days and is delivered in 10 to 22 days. It also provides free delivery on purchases of more than 50.00 USD. But, explore Is Laboby Legit before placing an order. It provides a free delivery option if your order is more than 89 USD. 
  • Return Policy- Laboby provides a 35-day return assurance after receiving its product.

Pros of the Laboby:

  • Laboby’s shopping site displays a massive selection of trendsetting products for women.
  • Its dresses and accessories are attractive and beautifully designed.
  • Laboby also offers canopies and awnings in its garden structure category.
  • Laboby offers free shipping on orders more than 50.00 USD.

Cons of the Laboby:

  • Laboby’s products displayed on the website are not affordable.
  • Laboby does not disclose its owner’s information.
  • No Laboby customer has given feedback about its shopping site.

Hence, be cautious while ordering Laboby’s products.

Laboby Reviews:

Laboby has not gained acceptable trust or rating, proving its shopping site new or questionable. For example, Laboby has no customer reviews or visitors on its website. Also, the non-availability or information associated with Laboby’s buyers or their opinion about Laboby makes us alert you from getting trapped. 

Also, Laboby’s business rank is below average. So, dealing with new businesses that have not been established online may lead to expensive items. However, you may explore the web and order trending items through trusted and authentic shopping portals. Besides, you must check its webpage’s information and find out whether it Is Laboby Legit if you are keen to order its products.

Check how to Get Your Money Back From PayPal If You Get Scammed. 

Final Verdict:

Laboby is a shopping site that sells many dresses, canopies, etc. However, its domain registration is 2021, whereas Laboby claims the founding year as 2016. Also, the poor ratings and ranking of Laboby indicate it is an untrustworthy shopping store. So, you can visit here to get high-quality and trend-setting items.

Furthermore, read How to Get a Full Refund on Credit Card Scam. Also, explore, explore Is Laboby Legit before purchasing its items.

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