Is Loveshopbox Legit {March} Read Comprehensive Reviews!

Loveshopbox Online Website Reviews

Scroll down the below article, which further helps to gain all the relevant information about the loveshopbox portal and validates, Is Loveshopbox Legit.

Are you an athlete? Do you face fear while performing? Have you ever heard of products that can help you achieve creatively and fearlessly? The website has launched a product that athletes can use to act creatively while performing their activities.

Many athletes want to empower their performance, so people from different nations of the world, especially from the United States, are searching to know: Is Loveshopbox Legit!

Let’s move further to check the legitimacy of this website.

Is this authentic store to shop? 

  • Domain Age – The age of the domain is more than 1 year, i.e., created on 21st February 2021. 
  • Domain Expiry date – to expire this domain, less than 1 year is left, i.e., it will expire on 21st February 2023. 
  • Trust score – it has a terrible trust score, i.e., only 12%. 
  • Trust index – trust index found is also very meagre, i.e., 23.6 out of 100. 
  • Social media links – No social media connectivity is present on the platform. They have provided social media links only for the products.
  • Loveshopbox Reviews – no sections for customer’s feedback are present on the official site, also no customer reviews are found on the other website reviewing portals. 
  • Owner’s details – This portal owner uses WHOIS paid services to hide his information.
  • Physical address legitimacy – the same address is being used by the other website. So the address provided on the website does not seem to be authentic.
  • Alexa Ranking – it is not ranked by Alexa yet. Adding another negative point. 
  • From the above factors, this portal does not seem to be legit. But, yet need to discuss this portal in detail to clear the doubt: Is Loveshopbox Legit!


This online shopping portal sells valuable equipment for athletes. As per the official website, their main aim is to amplify the voices, which further helps access walking, fitness, running, outdoor and indoor activities. 

This website also claims to support the athletes and helps them to express themselves. And, ultimately, this considers their core vision. So, let us discuss the specifications of this portal in detail. 

Specification of the

  • Website Name –
  • Website URL –
  • Email ID – [email protected]
  • Social Media connectivity – we haven’t found any social media links for this platform. This raises a doubt: Is Loveshopbox Legit!
  • Type of a website – It sells lightsabers to motivate the athletes.
  • Physical Address – No. 398, Jinfu Road, Tongcheng Street, Fuding . Ningde . Fujian 355200.
  • Contact number – +86170 8890 8045
  • Product’s cost – USD.
  • Delivery Policy – within 7-10 days of order placement. 
  • Return Policy – within 30 days of product delivery. 

After discussing the legitimacy factors and specifications in detail, we do not favor investing in this portal. But still, if you are planning to take a risk, look into some positive and negative factors of this portal for clear acknowledgment.

Pros to validate Is Loveshopbox Legit!

  • Unique product for athletes to perform fearlessly. 
  • 30 days return policy. 
  • Product description is given in a detailed manner.
  • Email Id is available for support.
  • Website is HTTPS detected.


  • Owner’s details found hidden using paid services. 
  • The address found is a duplicate address, as the other online portal uses the same.
  • The Alexa ranking is not available for this site. 
  • Trust Index and Score both found shallow. 
  • No social media connectivity is found. 
  • After being on the internet for around 1 year, this site failed to gain customer reviews. 

Now, the risk in your hand as the cons are found superior to the pros. 

Loveshopbox Reviews

Customer reviews are considered one of the essential factors to make an online website a legit portal as it gives the feedback of the shopping portals. But unfortunately, we are unable to fetch the customer reviews for this portal both on the official page and other reviewing platforms.

Also, social media connectivity was found unavailable, which further adds up the negative factor for the review section. Further, click here to know how to get money back from PayPal scams.

Wrapping Up

As per our thorough research, we can answer “NO” for the question Is Loveshopbox Legit! We can say that this website is a scam and not legit due to shallow scorings and the unavailability of social media links, and the owner’s details. 

Therefore, we recommend our readers access other authenticated portals for investing their hard money. Moreover, click here to learn tricks to prevent Credit Card Payments Fraud. Do you find this article informative and helpful? Please share your feedback in the comments. 

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