Is Luckrry Legit {Mar 2022} Quick & Easy Website Review!

Luckrry Online Website Reviews

This write-up on Is Luckrry Legit is about to let you enjoy one place, having almost all research points about the site’s legitimacy.

Have you ever met any troublesome situation, such as being locked inside a car? If yes, you must have realized the importance of multi-functional tools. And indeed, you would find some crucial insights out of this article as it will talk about a shop, Luckrry, based in the United States, which claims to fulfill your interest.

The data and facts provided here are based on online research and not claimed by us independently.

If yes, you are eager to know the answer to “Is Luckrry Legit?” then have a careful reading of the following points.   

How reliable is the shop?

Generally, answering such questions cannot be straightforward and needs careful weighing of the available facts. So, go through the below-given facts.

  • Website Age: As per our sources, the site is merely eighteen days old, founded on 11th February 2022. But on the site, Luckrry claims the site was founded in 2016. 
  • Website Trust Score: the site has zero trust score and domain authority, so our Luckrry Reviews says nobody trusts the site to provide back-linking.
  • Alexa Ranking: As per Alexa Global Traffic Ranking, the site is ranked 7336371, far away from the average ranking and customer reach. 
  • Customers’ Reviews: sadly, the customers have not reviewed the product listed on the site. And also, we have not found any off-site positive reviews.
  • Missing Description: our research found many must-mentioned things missing, such as brand, manufacturer, country of origin, etc.
  • Genuineness of Contact Address to answer “Is Luckrry Legit?” No customer helpful contact details are mentioned on the site.
  • Content Originality: The site’s content is sourced from other platforms such as Amazon, or else this is visible in pictures.
  • Social Media Links: Our research shows the brand has no public or even private social media handle for interaction with the customers and visitors.

 The parameter-wise info for the site and its products suggest that the site could be fake and has no actual intention to do legal business. 

Info about the shop for Luckrry Reviews:

Luckrry is an international online e-shop platform; although the company started it in 2016, the site was a retail sale website, as per the site claims. 

It has defined its motto as “customer is everything,” and the business intends to provide customers high-quality items at nominal cost and the best shipping services and customer care help.

Why should a customer choose it? While answering the questions, Luckrry says because of:

  • No lower cap requirement for purchase.
  • Affordable product by optimizing transport cost.
  • Standard customer services.


Specifications about the site to answerIs Luckrry Legit or not?”

  • The Domain age:  the domain was created on 11th February 2022. Therefore, it is 18 days old.
  • URL:
  • Category: E-commerce shop. 
  • Email: [email protected]. 
  • Address: Not mentioned.
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx.
  • Return Policy: The site has a fourteen days return policy for defective and damaged products. 
  • Refund Policy:  If the returned product by the customer is eligible for the refund, then the refundable amount will be credited within a week.
  • Total Delivery time: 15-35 business days (Aggregate standard time).  
  • Shipping policy: Free-shipping over $40 purchase. Else depends on various factors.

Positives of the site to check Is Luckrry Legit or not:

  • The purchasing policies are well-stated.
  • The payment methods and gateways seem reliable. 
  • The site has an SSL certificate to protect consumers’ data.

Negatives of the site:

  • The Alexa ranking of the site is very high.
  • The site has no trust score and zero authority.
  • No social media handle in existence.
  • No positive customer reviews are available.

Customers’ Points:

Our research says any customer has not reviewed the site and its products on any platform. It reflects that the site has no customers in reality.

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To sum up the answer for “Is Luckrry Legit,” it is evident from the above facts that the site is not legit and lacks crucial security points. So the visitors and the customers are advised to be careful.

We hope the above research has helped you; if yes, please let us know how to improve our efforts.

And yes, what is your favorite multi-tool?

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