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Max Verstappen Online Website Reviews

The following research on Is Max Verstappen Legit is informative and will tell accurate and honest details about this site.

There are many famous personalities who are doing marvelous things in their career. But besides focussing on their careers, they come out with new things for their fans and take out things that are loved by their fans. Max Verstappen is an online store in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States, inspired by famous racing driver Max Verstappen.

Is Max Verstappen Legit? This store is a well-known store following the name of a well-known personality. But, just like other stores, you must ensure all the safety standards. If you want to know more about this store, please read our article.

Is this store legit?

Max Verstappen is an online shopping website following the name of the renowned personality of the world. This store can attract many customers who are big fans of Verstappen, but this is not right in our opinion. Fraud can happen to anyone, either intentionally or unintentionally. So, it is better to read all the pros and cons. Always keep in mind instructions like Max Verstappen Reviews, including other factors of accuracy which will describe the legit or scam details of this website. So without wasting your time and patience, we will hurriedly move to the legitimate details of this store.

  • Domain creation: 13th August 2014 is the date of creation of the Verstappen shop.
  • Registrar: Key-Systems GmbH is the registrar of the Verstappen shop.
  • Trust score: this website got 45% of the trust score, which is below the average on the trust rating scale.
  • Social connections: official page of Max Verstappen is found with a large number of followers, but no official page for webshop was found 
  • Data safety: based on Is Max Verstappen Legit, we found that the https protocol is used for the safety of the data shared by the customers. This means your data is safe while sharing.
  • Reviews: standard rating stars and reviews were mentioned on the layout of the website. This showed that people took a keen interest in their collection.
  • Privacy policy: privacy policies cannot be found easily, but return, refund policies are mentioned finely and appropriately.
  • Missing information: we could find all the legit information like email and location, but sadly we could not find contact details.
  • Alexa Rank: the site got an average ranking as per Alexa Rank, which means not too popular, not too infamous.

Brief as per Is Max Verstappen Legit

Verstappen shop is the only official webshop of Max Verstappen which offers the merchandise of the t-shirts, caps inspired by Max Verstappen.

They have a collection like:

  • Kids polo t-shirts, sweaters, caps, socks, etc
  • Women’s t-shirts, sweaters, caps, jackets, shoes, etc.,
  • Men’s hats, shoes, jackets, sweaters, caps, etc.

If you are a die-hard fan of Max Verstappen, you must visit this store.


  • Purchase a polo t-shirt from
  • Email id: [email protected].
  • Address: Bosstraat 91A 6071XT Swalmen, Netherlands
  • Telephone details were missing from the website. 
  • We could find some reviews and rating stars on the layout of this store, making this website a little trustworthy.
  • Based on Is Max Verstappen Legit, Return/exchange/refund policy:
  • Fourteen days return policy is mentioned on the website.
  • Exchange is not possible under certain circumstances.
  • Refunds will be credited within 5 working days after receiving the product.
  • Return must be in original packaging with the original label.
  • Shipping costs vary depending upon the location. You will receive the order within 2-3 working days outside the EU.
  • Pay via iDEAL, PayPal, credit card.

Positive highlights

  • Email address, location is mentioned.
  • Good reviews on the layout were found.

Negative Highlights

  • They do not offer an exchange for products.
  • The phone number is not mentioned.
  • No official page of the website was found.

Max Verstappen Reviews

The website has mentioned important details like email, address and all the policies, but there were no details regarding phone numbers. Since this website is the official webshop of Max Verstappen, the official page is verified, but there is no separate page for a website. The rating was mentioned on the layout that is 4.6/5, and a number of satisfied customers were mentioned. 

The site got an average ranking as per Alexa Rank. Also, if you are unaware of credit card scams, you must read our post. 

Final Summary

Based on Is Max Verstappen Legit, we found that this website is quite old in the online world as it was registered six years ago. But, the thing is that it has below the average trust score, which makes the customers a little confused about this store. More details regarding Polo T-shirt can be viewed on this page.  

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