Is Muvez Shoes Legit {April 2022} Read Complete Reviews!

Muvez Shoes Online Reviews

This article contains authentic reviews about an online business that sells outsole footwear. So, Scroll down the post to learn Is Muvez Shoes Legit or not.

Are you interested in learning more about the Muvez portal? If you’re interested, stick around for the rest of this blog post. Muvez is among the brands that have manufactured outsole shoes, and each company nowadays focuses on development to sell its things on the look. 

These are all the shoes that will determine the future of the footwear industry. People in the United States and Canada are curious about these sneakers. So, let’s get started with Is Muvez Shoes Legit or not.

Is Muvez Legit?

This section provides our viewpoints and all of the major defined areas people should consider when evaluating the site’s validity. Before completing your request, you should review all of the available information on e-stores that you can obtain on the web.

The following are the specific areas:

  • Domain Age – The site’s creation date is 5th December 2018, implying that the website is around three years and four months old.
  • Trust Score – The gained trust score for the website is 76 percent.
  • Customer Review – We get a mix of consumer Muvez Shoes Reviews based on customer evaluations from the web.
  • Postal Address – The available website address seems legitimate to us.
  • Social Media Presence – The portal is present on social media sites. 
  • Content reliability  – The website contains high-quality, original content.
  • Alexa Rank – The platform’s Alexa rank is 391,434, according to Alexa.
  • Owner Information – The site features a separate page for owner data, covering all the information about the organizers and the group.
  • Unrealistic Deals – The site does not have any ludicrous limits.

After considering all these pointers, the portal Muvez shoes seem safe. But Let’s check Is Muvez Shoes Legit or not.

Summary of muvez

Muvez is a famous online shoe retailer noted for its unique product offerings. The website has acquired a lot of positive feedback from the world’s most prominent countries. In addition, the website sells out sole shoes that are suitable for both inside and outdoor use. You may remove the soles of these shoes that make them perfectly suitable for indoor use.

Aside from that, the website provides a 15% discount if you use the discount coupon SHARKTANK21, and customers around Canada may also take advantage of free shipping. 

But, some who still haven’t heard of this online shop are curious to check whether Is Muvez Shoes Legit? Therefore, to answer their questions, we have highlighted a few facts below.

Features of Muvez

  • Website URL –
  • Web Address Registration Date – 05th December 2018
  • Mail Account – [email protected]/[email protected]
  • Phone Detail – (201)-292-4481
  • Muvez Portal address – 61-Nelson Ave, City-Jersey, NJ-07109, US.
  • Products Offered – Footwear Collection
  • Shipment Time – Around 3-4 working days
  • Return Guideline – Within 21 working days
  • Refund Rule – Under 5-7 days
  • Social Media Availability – Mentioned
  • Modes of Payment – Paypal and more

Take a sympathetic look at this article to ensure the company and its offerings. 

Pros to Clarify Is Muvez Shoes Legit

  • The site ship to customers in the United States.
  • With the promo code, customers can get a 15% discount for a limited time.
  • Each web-based content page has a live appearance for the site.
  • It is home to a verified email employee.
  • The site is secured with HTTPS.
  • The portal is quite old with a good trust score. 

Cons of Purchasing from Muvez

  • The website offers a mix of customer surveys on the review portals.
  • There aren’t a lot of options on the website.
  • The easy-to-wear shoes aren’t suitable for all clothes.

Muvez Shoes Reviews

Customer Evaluation helps users to know about a site. However, we have received mixed feedback from the site’s Facebook page, with most buyers satisfied with the footwear and its durability. Good customer reviews may get found on the authoritative site, where people have left positive feedback regarding the product.

Regardless, a few consumers have left unfavourable remarks, claiming that they have not approved their request so far and that the website has turned down their desire for a discount. Read how you can save your money from Paypal scams.


Is Muvez Shoes Legit? According to our analysis of this portal offering shoes, the site appears to be reliable, and the things it offers are also remarkable. However, we require our visitors to research and read all buyers’ reviews before requesting because we have mixed surveys. Here, Get Everything You Should Know About Credit Card scams.

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