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The purpose of this article is to save you from a website that offers an attractive product and to tell you the answers to Is Legit or not.

Are you lacking sleep due to uncomfortable pillows? Are you finding trouble finding the right pillow for yourself? In that case, we might have the right solution for you. The United States offers an innovation in the world of pillows to provide you with the most comfortable sleep that you deserve after the whole day’s hard work.

Read the whole article to know everything about the site providing this innovative product and learn Is Legit, or will it cause you more sleepless nights?                                        

Is the Website Scam or Genuine?

  • Age of the Website: The website is almost 6 months
  • Registration Date: The domain got registered on 16-07-2021
  • Website’s Owner: It calls Top Dog Direct its owner, but no link is found between the company and the site.
  • Originality: The website is primarily original as it has an insignificant amount of duplicity
  • Alexa Rank: The site holds no rank in Alexa
  • Modes of Transaction: Cards are the only way to make transactions
  • Trust Index: It is only 8% 
  • Customer Reviews: No Reviews are seen
  • Policy Clarity: Policy details are not at all clear
  • The Legality of Address: The address is traceable in the Google Maps
  • Contact Information: Both email address and phone number are given for contact
  • Social Media Accounts: The site is not present on social media

Our analysis of the e-commerce portal led us to believe that the site is not trustworthy at all.

Introduction to

This particular e-commerce website is designed to sell a single product, an innovative pillow. The pillow is inspired by NASA as it is made of the same fabric used in the spacesuits of NASA.

While searching Is Legit or not, we learned that the product is washable in a machine and holds its shape much longer than ordinary pillows. Nano-coil fibres have been used to provide a plush feeling, and the website claims that this pillow provides zero-gravity support. 

Though the site gives a detailed description of the product, the general information of the site is missing.

Website’s Specific Details

  • Website Link: 
  • Domain creation date is 16-07-2021
  • Office Address: 402 Middletown Blvd, Suite 216, Langhorn, PA 19047
  • Phone Number: 1-800-340-3418 
  • Email Address: [email protected] 
  • Working Hours: The operational hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Reviews: Positive reviews are seen on the official site
  • Office Days: Monday to Friday
  • Shipping Range: The site only delivers in the United States
  • Shipping Policy: The product is shipped within 30 days from the date of order
  • Delivery Cost: Not clearly mentioned
  • Processing and Handling Fees: $8.95 for some orders
  • Free Shipping: As per the site, free shipping is offered, but the criteria are unclear
  • Payment Option: Only card payments are accepted
  • Return Policy: the site does not mention the details of the return policy
  • Return Period: 90 days is given as return period
  • Refund Policy: The missing refund policy makes us suspicious about Is Legit?
  • Return Charges: Not mentioned on the site
  • Exchange Conditions: The information is missing
  • Cancellation Terms: The data is not found
  • Social Activity: The site has no official page on social media

List of Positive Aspects

  • Offers an innovative product
  • 90 days return policy is available
  • A free shipping option is found

List of Negative Aspects

  • Most of the policy details are missing
  • The matters of delivery cost and free shipping are confusing
  • The site provides service in a single country only
  • Singular mode is available for payments
  • The website has no sign on social media

Is Legit? What Do the Customers Say?

It is very easy to be attracted towards this advanced pillow that promises the most comfortable sleep. But if you try to go through the customers’ reviews, you will see some suspicious aspects. The reviews found on the official site are all positive. 

But their reliability is at stake as there is not even a single mention of the product on social media. Depending solely on the official website reviews is not a wise move as they can be made up. So, learn to Get Your Money-Back From Scammers and enjoy safe shopping.


After going through all the website details, the answer of Is Legit becomes obvious. It is evident from our research that trusting the website may lead to becoming a Victim of Credit card Fraud. If you have any thoughts on this matter, kindly share them with us in the comments section.

3 Comments on “Is Legit (Jan) Essential Website Reviews”

  1. I’m getting nervous now. I ordered this pillow on January 1st, 2022 at the website and gave my MC info to pay for it.

    As of today 2/13/22 I have not received the product, nor have I received any notification that the product has been shipped, on its way, etc.

    I sent an email to the Customer Service email address; we’ll see what happens. I’m about to be very angry if I’ve been scammed.

  2. I ordered this product but my card was comporised. I called to give another card but wa told pillows weren’t going out til after March 1st so I will call them on M

    1. Hello Kim Link! Thank you for your valuable thoughts and reviews here. Have you called them? It is requested to let us know the further status so that other readers and potential buyers may also get acquainted with the truth and reality of this site. Thank You! Stay Connected and Stay Safe!

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