Is Ncgshop Legit (Feb 2022) Get Detailed Reviews Here!

Ncgshop Online Website Reviews

Is Ncgshop Legit? You can easily find out the fact by reading the blog below. Also, check some crucial unknown details, specifications regarding this store.

Do you love to collect branded shoes? Having a soft corner when it comes to branded shoes isn’t an unknown event; however, sometimes, it’s hard to collect branded shoes because of the expensive price.

But, now it’s become affordable with the Ncgshop web store, which brings a huge collection of branded shoes. The retailer demands to deliver top-notch service and premium quality products worldwide, including the United States, etc. Howsoever, Is Ncgshop Legit? The store approaches people with the top branded product at an unbelievable rate since it’s become important to check their promises.

Analyzing the Ncgshop website’s authenticity:

Beware of online money and data theft scams and make sure to determine the legality of a website that you’re going to use for the first time. If you are about to shop at the Ncgshop store for the first time, read this section thoroughly.

  • Trust-Index: The index rating is too low. The rating is 1 out of 100.
  • Store’s Age: According to the store’s age, the site was established recently on 6th January 2022.
  • Feedback: Some Ncgshop Reviews are present.
  • Store’s Domain Name: The store’s domain has been named NCGSHOP.COM.
  • Address Verifications: The address isn’t legit as it has spelling mistakes.
  • Social Profile: Logos are present but these are inactive
  • Missing Details: Contact number, cancellation, refund, and exchange policy.
  • Plagiarism: The entire site has been blocked with a special code; therefore, the checking can’t be made.
  • Broken Links: The links are blocked from crawling.
  • Operator Details: Unavailable.
  • Payment Means: Multiple means have been provided.
  • Skipped-Pages: It’s blocked.

Hence, the site is new; still, it possesses several flaws. Further analysis is required to state anything.

What is Ncgshop?

Ncgshop brings the latest collections of branded shoes. But, Is Ncgshop Legit? The store offers the world’s top brands in its collections. You can purchase Nike, Jordan, and Adidas-like brands at a minimal price. Here, you can only get sneakers from these brands as per the company.

The entire sneaker collection can be viewed on the Home page and in the category section, which is divided based on the shoe’s brand. Plus, the sneakers possess descriptive details along with several pictures. However, we couldn’t find its collaboration with any of the above-specified brands. 


  • Feedback: We observed some Ncgshop Reviews.
  • Office Location: 110-Ann Rd, Harrow-Essex, United Kingdom
  • Shop’s URL:
  • Contactable Email ID:  [email protected]
  • Contactable Number: No number is given.
  • Canceling System Details: Not present.
  • Delivery Policy: The policy comprises the timing of the order processing. The processing and shipping time is 5 to 9 days.
  • Return Policy: For faulty items, you first have to contact the authority.
  • Transportation Charges: The store offers free delivery on each purchase.
  • Refund Policy: The information is absent.
  • Exchange Facility: The store hasn’t specified the exchange availability.
  • Is Ncgshop Legit: It’s new, but several flaws are present.
  • Payout Means: Amex, Discover, PayPal, Visa, etc.

Positive factors of using the Ncgshop store:

  • The store has immense collections of top shoe brands.
  • The price is very reasonable.
  • Global delivery (including the United States) is available.
  • Multiple payout means are available.


  • The site has fake social-profile links.
  • The reviews can’t be cross-checked, so it’s not sure how legit those remarks are.
  • Low trust point.
  • The site is blocked from crawling.
  • The contact number is absent.
  • Address record is not authentic.
  • Policies are missing.

What is the consumers’ viewpoint on ‘Is Ncgshop Legit’?

Considering the information available on the site, some of its collections received positive appreciation. There are no unfavorable comments on the site. But, surprisingly, we didn’t find the review writing option on the Ncgshop site. Moreover, this comment can’t be verified due to the unavailability of remarks on the external web.

Another suspicious aspect is- the social profile logos are present, but those have redirected into the store’s home page. So, we found that the comments are unverified and social profile links; therefore, searching official stores for branded shoes is better. Also, read the procedure to get refunds on PayPal scams and stay protected. 

Final Verdict:

Is Ncgshop Legit? The store has been built up recently, possessing several dubious factors such as low trust score, unverified comments, unreal discount deals, fake social profile links, and the absence of important policies. So, the site needs to work more to specify it’s a legit store. Also, check the process to receive refunds on credit card scams. What do you think about this store? Please mention below.

3 Comments on “Is Ncgshop Legit (Feb 2022) Get Detailed Reviews Here!”

  1. I just tried to purchase an item {a vest} from this ~ an online store that is apparently a scam! When I checked out, it redirected me to Paypal, which then made the payment to an INDIVIDUAL. Furthermore, after I completed the Paypal payment, it did not send me back to the site ~ and when I went back to the site to check, the item HAD NOT BEEN PAID FOR. I then looked for online reviews ~ and found several that think it is likely a scam. I immediately filed a case with Paypal and am now waiting for them to respond. DO NOT SHOP AT NCGSHOP.COM ~ IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM!!

    1. Hello JJ Lee! Thank you for sharing and expressing your informative review here for this website. Your review and experience will be helpful and valuable for other prospective buyers. Stay Safe & Stay Connected!

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