Is Ownkotis Legit {May 2022} Read The Complete Review!

Ownkotis Online Website Reviews

Carefully read this article to find an answer to your question about Is Ownkotis Legit, a newly founded online site that sells shoes. Scroll down to the bottom.

Do you make multiple purchases of shoes? Then kindly read this article to gather the information. We have discussed information concerning a new internet portal in this post.

With outstanding and stylish shoe styles, this web platform is pleased shoppers from the United States and around the world. If you are enthusiastic about You’ve come to the right spot if you’re one of them. We’ll discuss the site’s validity to check if Is Ownkotis Legit and other relevant facts. 

Is a Scam?

We understand you’re excited to look through the displayed products; however, it’s a good idea to review the latest details first. We gathered these details from the online platform to verify the site’s legitimacy.

  • Domain Age – The webpage has only been up for 19 days. On 21st April 2021, the developers released it.
  • Webpage Trust Score – The portal Ownkotis has a 1 % trust score, classified as a Very Poor Trust Rating.
  • Buyers’ Reviews – The designers have left out any part where customers can provide reviews. As a result, we have been unable to obtain Ownkotis Reviews.
  • Social Networking sites Links – There are no social networking sites links on the relevant site.
  • Mailing Address — The company hasn’t included a phone number on the site. They have provided an email contact and address for communication. Buyers can only contact the experts via email if they have any questions or concerns about their transaction.
  • Company Guidelines – All company rules are stated on the official portal of
  • The specification is lacking – The developers did not add a filtering feature for the goods.

This website appears to be dangerous based on these facts. We can’t say if Is Ownkotis Legit because it’s young and may still be growing.

What is

According to the site, it sells high-quality footwear. The business intends to provide high-quality footwear at a reasonable price to the people of the United States. Among the goods available are:

  • Shoes for sports
  • Clothing shoes for runners
  • Boots

We can check the primary products displayed on the site as soon as we access them. The website’s design is not ideal, although it is workable. On the website, you may find a list of shoe sizes. With the help of a legitimacy check, we can say that the webpage has failed to demonstrate its credibility, and we suspect the site. Let’s check if Is Ownkotis Legit or not.

Specifications of

Our experienced team evaluated this site from top to bottom to determine its validity. Our review’s factors include the following:

  • Website Category – An online business that sells several styles of shoes
  • Portal URL –
  • Links on social media – none
  • Official Address – 7650 W Reno Ave Ste. 835, Oklahoma City, OK 73127
  • Contact Number – Absent
  • Email Account – Present
  • Multiple Payment Choices – MasterCard, Visa and PayPal
  • Return & refund rules – Customers who want to return items should do so thirty days after receiving them. The refunds are normally processed within 72 hours.

Continue reading to learn more on this website.

Pros to Clarify Is Ownkotis Legit:

  • The items in the store have modern and vivid designs.
  • The item photographs are quite clear.
  • The organization has supplied its phone number and email address on the website.
  • On the appropriate policy page, all specifics about transport costs are listed.

Cons of Purchasing from Ownkotis:

  • This site does not have any social media buttons. The lack of social media websites is a significant disadvantage in today’s world.
  • There are presently only fewer items in the accessories category.
  • Users cannot filter products because the designers have not included this capability.
  • Because this site lacks a review component, consumers may be hesitant to trust it.
  • The webpage is still too new to be certain.

Ownkotis Reviews

When buying from a website, a user looks at two stuff: its authenticity points and client testimonials. User reviews can reveal information such as the product’s reliability, the firm’s service, etc. On every reviewing site, we looked for reviews centered on this webpage. However, no reviews have been located because this site is not old yet. Furthermore, this site was created lately and had no social media following. To acquire the result based on this webpage, read the paragraph beneath. Also, check how to Get Your Money Back from PayPal if you get scammed. 


Is Ownkotis Legit? Our analysis found that this site is missing important features and has negative ratings. As a result, we expect you to know top 10 popular show brands here. We can’t say it is legit because it’s young and maybe still under development. Analyze how to Get your money back from a Credit Card Scam.

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