Is Paturus Legit (Feb 2022) Read Customer Reviews

Paturus Online Website Reviews

Consider the article to know whether Is Paturus Legit and secure your payments from being cheated. The mentioned info will help you to find all details.

Hello Shoppers, are you a lover of leather clothing? Do classy leather jackets, suits, pants amaze you? There are plenty of online stores that offer a variety of designs, styles, and shades of leather apparel these days. If you are randomly looking for some fashionable military printed leather jacket and wondering for a legitimate site, then here is a brief analysis of Paturus, an online store of leather jackets and pants.  

The website is getting popular Worldwide. But, before everything else, the very first question that pops up is, Is Paturus Legit or not.

Is a truthful domain?

Shoppers should examine all the essential points before locking any deal. But, first, let’s check a few constraints.

  • Domain Oldness: The domain was launched on 09/01/2022and it is 1 Month 6 Days old.
  • Trust Score: The trust score is too poor; just being 2% 
  • Acceptable Contact Number: Phone number not found on the site.
  • Percentage of Pirated Content: 94% of the website content is copied from a different site.
  • Reliable Official Address: Although a road map is not available, a billing address belongs to France.
  • Social Media Occurrence: To revise, Paturus Reviewswe did not find social media logos on the homepage or any digital media presence on the net.
  • Irrational Discounts- We did not find any suspicious discounts on the website.
  • Websites Owner Name– Not mentioned on its official detail.
  • Alexa Ranking: The domain has got a 4313738 rank in Alexa Rankings.
  • Policies- The designer has formed different pages for policy.

Details of

It is an e-commerce digital shopping portal sells attractive Pants, Sweaters, Tops, Shoes, Boots, mostly focusing on male shoppers. But beyond all these descriptions, the customers need to know that one fact: Is Paturus Legit or a scam?

Specification of

  • Website URL– 
  • The website was created on– 10/01/2022
  • The website will pause on– 10/01/2023
  • Email address– service@ paturus .com
  • Official Address– only billing address is mentioned on the website, and it does not seem to be official.
  • Social media Ids– not found.
  • Shipping Policy-5-10 business days.
  • Free shipping- Based on shipping methods it provides shipping cost.
  • Standard Shipping- details not found.
  • Express Shipping- not found.
  • Owners Name- Not mentioned on its official detail that arises a question: Is Paturus Legit or scam?
  • The social media presence- no social media logo or promotion found.
  • Phone number– not found
  • Return Policy- Return within 14 days after the receipt of the product.
  • Refund Policy– refund is done according to original payment method within a week.
  • Exchange Policy-This policy is available.
  • Return Shipping Cost—Consumers have to bear this cost.
  • Cancellation Policy– You can withdraw your order before the order has been conveyed. Usually 24 Hours.
  • Non-refundable goods- promotional items and items specified as special are non-refundable.
  • Payment modes– PayPal, American Express, Master Card, VISA, Discover, JCB.

Examine Profits to recognize Is Paturus Legit or scam-

  • It contains SSL certificate.
  • The website looks to sell classy, luxury Leather Jackets, Shoes, Boot, Tops, Sweaters.
  • Money-back guaranteed modes of payment offered by the website.
  • It offers stylish and trendy clothes for men.

Drawbacks of

  • The web domain is too new so not well-known among the buyers.
  • It does not tell the telephone number crucial for a digitally organized domain.
  • The address does not seem to be official.
  • It does not comprise its social media publicity page.
  • Trust score is low.

What comes out of the study of Paturus Reviews?

The about page does not seem to give enough details about their business at present. It is too new, so it is not established a well-recognition as an online shopping portal. Shoppers did not find any clients feedback from the social media or another reviewing site.

The trust score stands at a mere 2%, an important criterion for a buyer to spend on the product they sell. Even though they have a very flexible exchange, refund, return policy, without a valid official address, telephone number, and customer support tab on the website. It ultimately looks suspicious. The buyers should know How to Get a Refund on PayPal If Scammed and be alert.


Consumers can retrieve more details here- Men’s Italian Plaid Double Breasted Coat and identify about domain proposals. Unfortunately, we cannot say Is Paturus Legit or an perished domain, so consumers should undergo about –Get Money Refunds on Credit Card before spending since such fresh domains

Have you ever handled online shopping swindle? Please share your views.

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