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Pcarfx Online Website Reviews

This website review by Is Pcarfx Legit is meant to bring to one place all relevant facts and their importance to better your understanding.

The New Year celebration is just a few moments ahead. What are your plans to make the beginning special? Maybe shopping would be your one option! If yes, then are you looking for a place or store that has in store to make your deal affordable, colourful, and exciting? No doubt! Then probably this article on Is Pcarfx Legit can help you in the special beginning. 

Here the ecommerce shop Pcarfx is headquartered in the United States, fulfilling all sorts of requirements.

Now you must be eager to catch up on other important details on Pcarfx.

Pcarfx Shop: Legit or Scam

Pcarfx has many things in store to offer its visitors who are indeed appealing, and above that, the lucrative discounts are felt to make the deal. But wait! Before that, look at the below checkpoints to avert any untoward incident.

  • The Site Trust Score for Pcarfx Reviews: our sources say the site has a 1% domain rating, which means a poor trust score.
  • Social Media Links: The brand has provided no social media handles on the site. It means very less or no personal connection with customers.
  • Customers’ Reviews: No review options are available on the site along with products. And also, on no other platform, we found any customer reviews. 
  • Alexa Ranking: The site is ranked 1380208 on Alexa’s global ranking, which signifies it has a low audience reach.
  • Missing Description to see Is Pcarfx Legit or not: Product descriptions are well mentioned but seams copied since standard format, which feels good to read, is lacking.
  • Genuineness of Contact Address: Physical address is available on the google map, but the number given on the site didn’t ring; maybe shipping is limited to the US.
  • Website Age: The domain for the site was created on 20th September 2013, which means around eight years old.

The above checkpoints are not giving a clear cut picture, and most of them are strongly negative, that might be because the site is not legit and has ill-intention.  

The site info for Pcarfx Reviews:

Pcarfx is a multi-product online store dealing in a wide range of commodities. Though they haven’t written anything about their intention, a casual look at their products says they want to provide visitors with desired products at an affordable price. Some of the categories of the selling are:

  • Hoverboard,
  • Beauty & Wellness,
  • Pet Supplies, 
  • Consumer Electronics,
  • Kitchen & Household, and 
  • Winter Goods.

In each of these categories, customers can find different products to choose the one which interests them.


  • The Website age: The site is around eight years old, created on 20th September 2013.
  • URL to answer Is Pcarfx Legit:
  • Category: E-Commerce Store.
  • Email: [email protected].
  • Address: 1445 Woodmont Ln NW #4002 Atlanta GA 30318.
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, AmEx, Discover, etc.
  • Return Policy: The customer can cancel or return the product within 30 days of the arrival of the product.
  • Refund Policy: Company, after due inspection, will initiate the refund, which will be credited to the account possibly within two weeks.
  • Total Delivery time: 5-8 business days (Standard time) + Situational Delays; 3-5 business days (VIP shipping).
  • Shipping policy: Free delivery is available for orders over $60.

Positives of Store to check Is Pcarfx Legit or not: 

  • The site has listed a wide range of products.
  • Encrypted with essential data protection protocols.
  • Contact addresses are given.

Cons of the site:

  • It has a very poor trust score.
  • Alexa ranking is very high.
  • No social media presence.
  • Not qualified for the public domain.

Customers’ Reviews:

We have not found any kinds of customers’ interactions with the brand, which show either the brand has no customer base, or even worse, the brand is itself not in existence. That means the site is most probably a scam.

 Would you please read the following data to know about frauds like PayPal Fraud?


In conclusion, to answer Is Pcarfx Legit, the above facts show the site is not legit, and there are high chances of financial losses. So readers are advised to take caution.

If this review helped you in any way, then please express your learning by commenting. And please share with us if you have any other better ways to celebrate the New Year.

And if you want to learn about Credit Card Payment Scams, please go through this facts sheet.

To learn about Alexa ranking, click here.  

17 Comments on “Is Pcarfx Legit {Feb 2022} Read the Entire Review Now”

    1. Hello Wes! We are grateful that you have taken out your precious time posting your valuable comment here for this online shopping site. It is updated in the blog also that this site does not appear to be legit and trustworthy. Try to contact the company, and if they do not respond, you may go for the refund option. Stay Safe and Stay Connected!

    2. I ordered one from them to but I got a tracking number from Paypal but tbh it’s crazy because the package coming from China not the usa that’s kind of weird

  1. SCAM – Ordered Sunday and requested delivery details three times… still waiting. Called 305-901-7890 – no answer either. Will be cancelling order through my Credit Card.

    1. Hello Paul D! Thank you for updating the details here. Yes, if the company is not responding, no option is left other than applying for the refund. It is requested to keep us posted about the further status. Have a Blessed Day! Thanks & Regards

  2. I order a makita 15 piece combo kit for $60.66 on Jan. 2 2022 from Pcarfx someone sent me a tracking number from china,shows it made to us and thats it hasn’t went no since it arrive,I want my money back tryed calling number it diesn’t work and send plenty of messages but no reply

  3. I ordered an item from PCARFX on January 9th, received an order confirmation number, but no shipment of order.
    Their phone 1-305-901-7890 turned out to be ‘not in service’ on January 17th; onJanuary 21 my latest email inquiring about my order was returned as ‘not deliverable’ since the email address: [email protected] has been ‘disabled’.
    So this PCARFX business looks like a scamming enterprise to me.
    I need to get my money back!

    1. Hello Bruria Tal! We appreciate that you have taken out your precious time expressing and sharing your detailed review here for this website. Yes, the other buyers also face the same communication problem from this platform. Therefore, you may move towards the refund option and report at your area cell or apply for refund as per your payment mode. Stay Safe! Take Care!

  4. Yes I just 2 products 3 weeks ago and Nothing!!!. The Phone Number that they have to call for support DOES NOT WORK….WE GOT SCAMMED FOR 150 DOLLARS!!

    1. Hello Terry Evans! Thank you for updating your valuable review or feedback here for this portal. It is sad that you have lost your hard-earned money with this online platform. You may go for the refund option. Your review is beneficial will be helpful for other readers also. Take Care! Thanks & Regards

  5. Never received the order even though tracking shows it was delivered. The phone number is bogus they do not respond to e-mail. PayPal refunded my money. BEWARE!

  6. This is a scam. The tracking they send is China Post, not out of Georgia like claimed. Tracking claims delivered but never received. I have tried to contact them numerous times by email and phone with no reply. The phone number is now disconnected. I disputed the charge with PayPal and still waiting to hear if I’ll get my money back.

  7. Yes this place is a scam. I too ordered a product on the 17th and still have not received anything nor have had any replies from this company. The number was disconnected one day but I just called a few minutes ago and it went straight to voicemail. The refund option is a hoks as well. It’s all a scam.

  8. Like so many before me this Pcarfx is definitely a SCAM operation. Once I placed my order ,I received a fake tracking order number,I never received the item, and could not contact anyone to resolve the problem. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE!!!!!

  9. Order was placed on 12/28/21….and still no product….paid for thru PayPal….but because they told me shipping would be in 6 to 8 weeks I waited so and now since outside PayPal 180 Refund window looks like I got scammed…sent several emails to pcarfx to contact provided but no reply …now when do online search for pcarfx it says store is unavailable…..TOTAL SCAM

    1. Hello Steve! Thank you for expressing your thoughts here for this online platform. Your review will be helpful for all the readers and potential shoppers. Stay Safe! Thanks & Regards

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