Is Pitchbyrich Legit {Dec 2021} Read Honest Review Here!

Pitchbyrich Online Website Reviews

This article stretches transparency to identify Is Pitchbyrich Legit and trace the sign before spending your money.

Are you a crazy music lover? Do you want to have new headphones? If yes, we are sure that you will be searching for good headphones for yourself. Did you refer to pitchbyrich com while researching?

 If yes, you would like to know about the legitimacy and the facts in the United States. If so, then you must get the solution for Is Pitchbyrich Legit?

This article will support some essential points to prove its legitimacy. So, let us discuss some points first for it.

Is Pitchbyrich Trustworthy?

  • Portal Age – The domain age is less than six months that developed on 10th December 2021.
  • Alexa Ranking: This site ranked 2644881 in Alexa. It is distrustful due to higher ranking.
  • Portal Trust Score – 1 %; that differentiates this site beneath the bad trust score sort. Therefore be alert from this site.
  • Social Media Connection: It is linked to Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Customer Reviews: Reviews by the customers are missing. Hence, raising doubt in Pitchbyrich Reviews.
  • Copied Content:  Mostly, the content is written in several sections like privacy policy, return policy, terms of services, etc. The site was copied from other fake sites. Therefore it forces us to suspect this site of a scam. This site claims that they established their business in 2007. It is contradictory since the domain created was in 2021.
  • Contact Address Legitimacy – We found an official address missing from the site. 
  • Owner Information: It is unspecified on the site.
  • The Return and exchange policies: Unsatisfied Customers who received the product can return it within 30 days. 

About Pitch by rich.

Let us emphasize more crucial arguments to check Is Pitchbyrich Legit?

Pitch by rich com is a virtual platform that offers a variety of headphones and earphones with a high-end audio facility. It provides this product under a brand of themselves with component technology, design, planning, etc. The products on this site are Headphones named Amplified studios, Active buds, etc. They also have Wireless speakers, namely Contrast Cylinder, Studio mini, etc.


  • Website Type: It is an online platform that sells high-end audio devices. They deliver products like headphones and wireless speakers.
  • The website Address – 
  • E-mail Id – [email protected] (You can also add your queries in the form given)Top of Form
  • Phone Number: It is missing, which upsurges reluctance to doubt Is Pitchbyrich Legit.
  • Contact Address: Products need to return to the official address. Conversely, we found it missing.
  • Sort and filter option – It is accessible on this site.
  • Products price: Dollars ($)
  • Shipping and Delivery Policies: They did not mention fixed shipping charges. However, the freight charges would reflect while checking out the product. They accept the delivery within 30days of receipt.
  • Payment Options: Payment has been accepted through Discover, elo, Google pay, Apple pay, Amex, FB pay, JCB, etc.


  • It has multiple payment options.
  • They offer one of their product free after purchasing products more than 100 $
  • Payment is allowed in parts, which gathered many customers’ attention.

Cons to learning Is Pitchbyrich Legit.

The cons to grasping the mess found on this site have been explained below.

  • We did not find customer reviews in any of the products.
  • The site domain is a recent creation in the market. (Less than six months). Though, they claim that the business was established in 2007.
  • The products do not have a satisfactory description to know it better.
  • This site scored 1 % only in the trust score analysis.
  • Social media platforms are also not connected to this site.
  • Contact number and address are missing.

Customer reviews hold a strong backbone; to prove the legitimacy. Let us go through more relevant data below.

Pitchbyrich Reviews 

All the sections above explained the details truly to learn about this scam site. The products of this site do not receive any reviews from the customers. Also, none of the reputable sites reviewed this website. We care for you, so protect yourself and Get Your Money Back From PayPal if Scammed by referring to this link.


This article concludes that this site is a scam. We hope you have got a solution for your query: Is Pitchbyrich LegitAre you eager to know about the best electrostatic headphone in the market? Then refer to this link for best-electrostatic-headphone. Comment below your thoughts. Moreover, look for Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam in this link.

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