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Is Rapid Test and Trace Canada Legit? A site is known for selling Covid-19 rapid test kits; read how legit it is and verify its customer satisfaction rate.

Life during the Coronavirus pandemic becomes stressful; however, due to the blessing of advanced medical science, we have the strength to fight against this deadly disease. With the latest invention in medical science, Covid-19 screening has become more convenient. Now you can get instant test results with the Covid-19 rapid test kit offered by Rapid Test and Trace Canada in Canada.

However, Is Rapid Test and Trace Canada Legit? Is the test kit useful? Does it show the correct result? How good is the company’s service? We are here to answer all of these queries in this article.

The authenticity of Rapid Test and Trace Canada:

You can find the legitimacy under this headline-

  • Address Legality: The address is detected on the map.
  • Domain Age: The age of this website is over 1 year; the site had been built on 9th December 2020.
  • Trust Index: The trust index of Rapid Test and Trace Canada is below average; the result displays a 35 percent score overall.
  • Remarks: We found Rapid Test and Trace Canada Reviews
  • Website ID: The website ID is
  • Piracy Content: Piracy text has been detected; approx 31 percent of copy content is present.
  • Operator Details: Rapid Test & Trace Canada is the owner company.
  • Link with Social Media: The link with social media is active.
  • Missing Information: Return, replacement policy.
  • Means of Payment: Single-mode.

Thus, checking all the data, it’s been detected the site isn’t new but holds below-average trust points. However, it meets many of the legitimacy criteria so far. Since we have to check more internal data and policy before declaring anything.

What is Rapid Test and Trace Canada?

The site’s name may already give you a hint about its services. However, Is Rapid Test and Trace Canada Legit? It’s the United States-based Covid-19 rapid test kit seller, selling for more than 1 year. By heading this site, visitors not only obtain the rapid test kit, but also they can buy the Covid-19 travel testing kit, as well as acquire a virtual testing facility. 

On its landing page, a demo video is given by which you know how to use the rapid test kit. Else, there are a number of pictures showing what the test kit shows if you’re Covid-19 positive, negative or if the test becomes invalid.


  • Feedback: We noticed some Rapid Test and Trace Canada Reviews.
  • URL of the Site:
  • Email Address: [email protected], or you can take a direct messaging facility.
  • Corporate Address: 284-1B, 39-Street SW, Alberta, Canada
  • Contact Number: 833-528-3272- a voicemail number.
  • Delivery Duration: Following the updated information, the delivery is taking 2 to 5 days.
  • Charges: The charges can only be known while paying out.
  • Order Cancellation Availability: It is accessible if you request it before shipping.
  • Return Policy: The policy data is unclear.
  • Replacement Policy: The data regarding the availability of exchange facilities is unknown.
  • Is Rapid Test and Trace Canada Legit: It has an average score.
  • Money Refund Policy: Refund is possible; the amount is refunded on that credit card that has been used during billing.
  • Payment system: Credit Card.


  • The site displays rapid kits, virtual test kits, and related products to Covid-19 test kits.
  • The site has an ‘SSL certificate.’
  • The reviews are satisfactory.
  • It comprises an active profile on multiple community platforms.
  • The products have thorough details with features.
  • Operator details and address are legit.


  • No details about the return policy and exchange facility.
  • The payment mode is single.

Feedback from users about ‘Is Rapid Test and Trace Canada Legit’:

Site’s landing page, we observed certain reviews which possessed the user’s name, ratings, and comments. The reviews provide positive statements about the product quality, shipping service. We found an active profile on multiple media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. On social media link, Facebook , the Rapid Test and Trace Canada get over 150 followers and likes.

Its Twitter account also contains 490 followers and several posts, which received a number of likes, comments, and retweets. Along with this, you must know everything about how to receive refunds on credit cards.

Final Verdict:

Is Rapid Test and Trace Canada Legit? The site’s age is good as it has active accounts on social media and good reviews, so it seems legit; however, the trust-point is still below average. So, we want to suggest; users should analyze it before buying. Also, check the process to get refunds for PayPal scams. Did you obtain the kit from this site? Kindly share your experience. 

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