Is Shenlys Legit (March 2022) All Essential Reviews!

Shenlys Online Website Reviews

Is Shenlys Legit? It specifies itself as a legit site, selling huge collections of women’s dresses. But is it really so? Please read and find out the facts.

Are you finding the latest boho dresses? If you like to collect floral, light-colored, boho dresses, Shenlys can be one of the websites that attract you with their collection.

Women’s garments are undoubtedly the most popular product niche, considering the number of online shops and their demand in the market. Recently, the Shenlys store has caught high traffic in the United States and is overgrowing day by day.

But the concern is if the site is worthy. So let’s find out if ‘Is Shenlys Legit‘ or not.

Investigation on Shenlys shop’s trust factor:

The site has been getting attention throughout the last few days, but buyers are concerned about its legitimacy. In case you also want to perceive if the site is truly reliable or not, checking this part of this content will help you.

  • Points of Trust-Index: The point on this parameter is 2 percent.
  • The legality of the Location: The legality checks could not be done successfully due to the missing location details.
  • Owner Details: The facts are hidden.
  • Site Registration Date: The registration took place on 5th January 2022.
  • Feedback: No Shenlys Reviews are available.
  • Web Portal Name: The name is SHENLYS.COM.
  • Broken Links: 119 links are not clickable.
  • Channels on Social Media: No data is visible inside its web pages.
  • Skipped Pages: 130 pages are identified.
  • Payment Process: Multiple major paying modes are provided.
  • Missing Information: Replacement policy.
  • Plagiarism: 53% common data, along with 35% piracy record.

Well, this shopping destination is very much new; additionally, a lot of data doesn’t meet the criteria of being legitimate.

What is the Shenlys store?

It’s another virtual shopping destination, which demands to deliver well crafted, latest designer women’s dresses in Mexico. However, Is Shenlys Legit? The site is amazingly designed with a professional interface, layout, and simple navigation. Its total dress collections are distinguished into different sections such as Boho Dress, Sweet Style, Flower World, Collection, Daily 22, Best Seller, Spring 2022, and Accessories.

Now, checking the product page, we found the page comprises general details of the product, FAQs, and size details, with several pictures of the item taken from different angles. The site also offers heavy discounts on bulk buying, like if you buy 5 items at a time, you get a 25% massive rebate.


  • Comments: It lacks Shenlys Reviews.
  • Shop’s URL:
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Client Support Number: The support number is lacking; additionally, the operator did not provide any direct chatting option.
  • Physical Address: The location data is missing.
  • Product Canceling Process: It’s accessible only before shipping the product.
  • Delivery Timing: Adding the shipping and delivery time, the products are delivered within 7 to 15 days.
  • Charges: The charge is free for those who buy 69$+ amount of product. But, the general shipping fee is 9.59$.
  • Return Process: Available, but you need to email the authority.
  • Is Shenlys Legit: It’s tough to tell as the site is new.
  • Refund System: Available but only if it gets approval from the authority side.
  • Replacement Process: The replacement process is missing.
  • Payment Modes: Visa, JCB, Discover, PayPal, Union Pay, etc.


  • There are a large variety of collections available.
  • Discount is available on bulk buying.
  • Secure HTTPS connection is detected.
  • Multiple payout systems.


  • The trust-index point is not good at all.
  • No social channels.
  • No reviews are available.
  • Address details are not available.
  • Replacement policy is missing,
  • High piracy content, broken links, and skipped pages are present.

Consumers’ opinion on ‘Is Shenlys Legit’:

Within two months since it started serving, the site did not accumulate any comments. The product pages do not possess any feedback, and there is no separate feedback tab on the portal. Plus, on the weblog, we also did not get any review in our hand.

Coming to its relationship with social media– well, it doesn’t have a profile on any social platforms, which is quite surprising. So, after checking, it’s clear that the shop has no reviews. Also, check out the latest step details of getting a refund on your credit card.

Final Verdict:

Is Shenlys Legit? The shop is new, and there are lots of lacking points like no reviews, poor points on the trust index, high plagiarism, no address, and social profile, etc. So, it needs time to prove its goodwill in the market. Additionally, know the points on how to receive money back on paypal. Is the record regarding this site insightful? Please mention below.

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