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Twistbell online website reviews
Please read this composition to answer your question Is Twistbell Legit regarding a virtual marketing platform that deals with a particular type of dumbbell.

Do you like maintaining your physique by exercising at home? Are you facing hassles with too many dumbbells in your workout zone? Would you like an alternative to the multiple dumbbells you use? Then, you have arrived at just the right place. 

Today’s article discusses the credibility of a recent online platform selling dumbbells. Body trainees from the United States wish to learn if this portal is genuine. Therefore, please read till the end to address your query Is Twistbell Legit.

Is Twistbell Genuine?

Please find essential and well-researched pieces of information to affirm the authenticity of this online platform. 

  • The Oldness of Portal – This platform’s age is only eight days past a month. The team established it on 21 June 2022.
  • Website Trust Score – 2%, a Very Poor Trust Index.
  • Ranking in Alexa Database – Unavailable
  • Linking to Social Media Forums – This platform has no links to its handles on social media.
  • Shoppers’ Feedback – Twenty-one written reviews are available on this platform, all with five stars. However, we found two points of dubiousness about these Twistbell Reviews. Firstly, the feedback dates are missing. Secondly, on the top, it is written there are 351 reviews, but it is not the correct figure. 
  • Contact Information’s Legitimacy – Websites of many virtual shopping platforms contain the same number as this portal’s, portraying wariness in authenticity. Also, the physical address appears manipulated as the same address with different street names shows on the Internet search results.
  • Contradicting Web Design – The Shipping page mentions shipment is worldwide. Yet, on the checkout page, the country drop-down has only the United States as the option. 

The above section shows this website to be wary. However, commenting Is Twistbell Legit is difficult for its recentness.

What is Twistbell?

Twistbell is a virtual shopping store that provides a unique form of dumbbell along with its accessories. The item is an adjustable dumbbell that can replace multiple dumbbells with various weights. Moreover, the package includes the static floor holder and a rack. 


  • Type of Site – An online shopping portal that provides a specific kind of dumbbell with its kit. 
  • Address of Website –
  • Physical Address of Platform – 646 Pendergast Court, Massapequa, NY-11758
  • E-mail Id – [email protected]
  • Phone Number – 7377544081
  • Linking to Social Media – Not included. (Lack of presence in social media can increase your inquiry Is Twistbell Legit). 
  • Terms of Service – Stated
  • Filter and Sorting Method – Not applicable
  • Privacy Policy – Given
  • The Policy of Refunds and Returns – Shoppers can send the dumbbells back within ninety days of purchasing them. The crediting of the amount to the shoppers’ accounts will occur after some days. 
  • Details about Shipping and Delivery – Delivery can take seven to ten working days and is free worldwide. 
  • Modes of Payment – Credit cards of MasterCard, Discover, and Visa.
  • Price of Item – Mentioned in USD.


  • The developers have written vital facts in the FAQ segment.
  • The infographics on the website lucidly explain the product’s work.

Cons Conversing Is Twistbell Legit

  • The shipping coverage is contradictory in the policy and the payment page.
  • The recentness of this store adds to its suspiciousness and inability to trust.
  • Social media connection is deficient on this website.
  • According to the Net search results, the store’s phone number is the same as other similar stores. Hence, it is unlikely to be original. In addition, some details in the physical location seem manipulated.
  • The team has specified the physical address on the Terms of Usage and Privacy Policy segments. On the other hand, the Contact Us page shows only the corresponding form.

Twistbell Reviews 

No pioneering reviewing site discourses this virtual portal in its threads. Therefore, it is apparent that most shoppers have not viewed this platform or tried its product. Whatever reviews are present on this store are not worth believing as they miss out on the respective dates. Thus, there is an absence of verified feedback for this platform. Hence, please be informed how to Get Your Money Back from PayPal if you get scammed.


The points we assorted about this portal make it appear ambiguous. Nevertheless, it is difficult to decide Is Twistbell Legit for the recentness of this portal. Thus, it is vital to be aware of How to Get a Full Refund on credit card scam as a precaution. Also, please read about the advantages of dumbbells.

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