Is Vital Chakra Shop Legit {July} Explore The Review!

Vital Chakra Shop Online Website Reviews

This article about Is Vital Chakra Shop Legit provides information on the online jewelry store for our readers. Stay tuned to explore its legitimacy.

Have you heard about the new jewelry brand based on chakra energy? Vital Chakra Shop is an online store that originated in the United States. It is based on the notion that the energy of the Chakra is found in all living matters and flows through the whole universe.

However, given that it is an internet company, it is important to determine Is Vital Chakra Shop Legit. This study will teach you more about this online merchant and its reliability. To understand everything there is to know about the jewelry industry; please read the entire article.

Is the jewelry store authentic?

Vital Chakra shop is an online brand that deals with various pieces of jewelry and chakra energy. The store was originally founded by a bunch of women passionate about making a positive change in the jewelry industry. The store offers a large collection of beautiful jewelry.

To assess its legitimacy, we looked closely at Vital Chakra Shop Reviews, its trust index, longevity, and numerous other factors. Please continue reading if you want to learn everything there is to know about the shop.

  • Website Registration: The Vital Chakra Shop was founded on March 9, 2022, indicating that the website is not very old.
  • Trust Rating: The site’s trust rating is too low. Because the store only has a 1% trust index, it cannot be trusted. We might suggest to read more details to buy anything from this website because this site is dubious.
  • Client Reaction: We looked at their official website to determine Is Vital Chakra Shop Legit, but we could not find any reviews there or on any other websites.
  • Web Registrar: The web registrant for the Vital Chakra web store is NameCheap, Inc.
  • Social media presence: Vital Chakra’s website doesn’t have any social media presence.
  • Customer Rules: The official website of Vital Chakra Shop offers a thorough overview of a few administrative procedures, including the refund policy.
  • Mislaid Information: The official website does not provide any client testimonials.
  • Client Security: The internet site is secured using the HTTPS protocol to safeguard client data from errors. This security precaution probably isn’t the best, though.

Is Vital Chakra Shop Legit Overview

An online retailer, Vital Chakra Shop offers a huge selection of jewelry and chakra energy. The shop has a big selection of lovely jewelry. The online store offers a large collection of fashionable jewelry; some of them are mentioned below:

  • Zodiac Opal Necklace
  • Moon Crystal Earrings
  • Tree of Life Quartz Necklace
  • Rose Quartz Necklace
  • Infinity Anklet
  • Healing Crystal Bracelet

Features of Vital Chakra

  • Buy Crescent Moon Chakra Pendant from
  • Email address: You can mail them at [email protected]
  • Official Address: Not mentioned on the website.
  • Contact Number: Not given on the official website.
  • Customer Reviews: As given in the Is Vital Chakra Shop Legit part of the article, there aren’t any customer testimonials for their web store.
  • Return Regulation: Within 30 days of the purchase, unused items with their original tags may be returned or replaced. A $5 fee will also be subtracted from your refund.
  • Shipping Policies: Their website makes no mention of such a policy.
  • Payment Options: Different payment options are available, like ApplePay, ShopPay, PayPal, Visa, Debit, and Credit Cards.

Positive Notes

  • The website’s official email address is given on the site.

Negative Notes

  • They don’t appear to have a social media presence
  • There are no consumer evaluations on their main website.

Vital Chakra Shop Reviews

The online jewelry store Vital Chakra is not on any social media platforms. On the company’s official website, the owner’s address and phone number are not provided; however, their email address is for customer service. Their website or other internet portals don’t have any client testimonials or ratings recorded. Their return policy is completely explained on their website. Please visit this page for further details on PayPal Scamming.

Both its Alexa ranking and trust score are quite low. Its lifespan is only approximately three months old, which is quite brief. Therefore, we don’t suggest that our readers buy anything from this store. 

Concluding Note

We do not recommend using the website to make your purchase since the answer to the question Is Vital Chakra Shop Legit is ‘no.’ Please click on the accompanying link to learn more about credit card scams. Please click on this link to learn more about best Necklace brands  Please feel free to comment your thoughts for this article.

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