Some Must Have Jewelry Items For Party Goers


Jewelry Items For Party Goers: Different people perceive jewelry with different meanings. For some, an item of jewelry can mean just an accessory, while for some, it’s part of their identity.

Party is one such occasion wherein people celebrate their good moments and generally wear items of jewelry to cherish and live the joyous moment. But do you wear the same items of jewelry that you wear to the local grocery store in the party too? No you do not. This is because certain items of jewelry are preserved by us to be worn on special occasions and events like parties, etc.

Wearing jewelry is one of the best aspects of dressing up for a party occasion is wearing jewelry items. Tanzanite rings are admittedly a good choice for wearing at parties, but apart from wearing that ring, you can try wearing a Lapis Lazuli Pendant in Sterling Silver for an added exquisite look.

If you are married, then apart from the Tanzanite rings, you must also have diamond engagement rings or other similar engagement rings. But, don’t worry; you can wear Diamonds and Tanzanite both side by side, and they will go perfectly well with the party-goer look you are trying to achieve.

You see, wearing diamonds can instantly make you feel stunning and might as well add some versatility to your overall look, too (depending upon your outfit). This is because with the suitable outfit design, diamonds can truly glaze and shine light upon which will turn up quite some heads and make you feel gorgeous.

  1. Rings: Diamond rings for women are the most sold item across stores, especially now that the wedding season is at its peak. The lockdown is over, and life is slowly getting back to normal. You can wear a Diamond ring everywhere since it has been the classical choice among women for over a century.

But if you want your look to be a bit different, then you should try wearing a different jewelry design. Different in the sense of difference in color. Since diamonds are primarily pink or white, you can try wearing another Sapphire ring for women or maybe even a Shungite ring. This is because all these gemstones are dark in color and would go best with the Diamond rings (white or pink). 

For parties, pair these rings with a Ruby pendant or something strong in texture or color for an eye-catching look.

  1. Nose Pins: Some women these days think that nose pins are too much ethnic and won’t go along with party wear and others. But you might be wrong to think so since there are many nose pins, including petal, star-shaped ones which can go along well with party dresses.

Some of the nose pins combine various precious Turkizite gemstones and infuse them with gold, silver, platinum and other materials to create jewelry statement items. Hence, if you are looking to highlight the nose pin as the main part of your outfit, go for a bolder statement piece or a small but prominent piece of nose pin for a differentiated look.

  1. Necklaces: Generally, necklaces are statement pieces in parties unless you go to a disco where you can’t even wear these. So depending upon the location of the party, you can wear a beautiful Lapis Lazuli necklace along with Tanzanite rings. This is because both of them together will make quite an attractive pair, given the party occasion, you would want that. You can also pair a Tanzanite pendant with a Diamond Ring for women for an added classic effect. 

This is because diamonds being white in color will go very well with blue or purplish Tanzanites, and if you wear one with a Sterling silver chain, then you will literally glow. 

Also, another thing that you need to remember is that at parties during summer seasons, you should be wearing some light items of clothing and hence mostly, you will need to stay worry-free about your look. So if you wear a heavy jewelry item, then you will most of the time stay worried about managing that rather than enjoying the party.


Wearing jewelry at parties is tricky, and most women are often confused about what to wear. Diamonds, Tanzanites, Sapphires, and Rubies are some trending choices that were highlighted in the above post. But ultimately, it boils down to what items of jewelry one prefers to wear and what looks good on whom. Hence you should take the above guide as suggestions and decide whether to go for it.

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