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Gaming Tips Kevin Marsh Curling
Please go through this composition to learn about Kevin Marsh Curling, a player in the current curling championships being held in Lethbridge, Alberta. 

Do you like collecting information about different types of sports? Are you keen on learning about the latest gaming events? Do ice-related games interest you? Then, please continue reading to know the details about a unique sport.

In this report, we have covered facts about the latest match related to ice games. However, sports enthusiasts from various nations across the world, such as Canada, want to know the results of this game. Therefore, please read on to find out about the match and Kevin Marsh Curling.

What is Curling?

Curling is an ice-related sport that involves the strategic movement of a polished and heavyweight granite rock. One team consists of four players, who get two chances to push the stone towards the target. The target comprises a set of concentric circles. 

The player who pushes the stone and travels with it can curl its trajectory by rotation. Also, other players can simultaneously sweep the ice in front to decrease friction.

The Latest Curling Championships in Canada

The Canadian curling championships are currently being held in the ENMAX Centre arena, located in Lethbridge, Alberta. Thus, many curling fans want to know more about Colton Flasch Team and who was the winner of the latest match. 

The title of this event is Tim Hortons Brier, related to the sponsors of the championship. The 2022 session began on 4 March and shall conclude on 13 March. The winners shall play on behalf of the country in the upcoming world championships. 

Fifteen teams and three wild card entries are the participants of this event. The major teams include Saskatchewan and Alberta, and both these teams are in Pool A of the tournament. They played against each other in Draw 1, which occurred on day one at 4.30 pm per Mountain Time Zone.

About Kevin Marsh Curling

Kevin Marsh is one of the players in the 2022 Saskatchewan team and plays at the second position. His twin brother, Daniel Marsh, is the lead player of the same team. Both of them also played in the 2019 curling championships representing Saskatchewan.

The Draw Between Alberta And Saskatchewan

The above teams played on Sheet C in the latest draw. The skipper of Team Alberta is Kevin Koe, and that of Saskatchewan is Colton Flasch. Both teams gave their best shots, and it was a tight competition till the end. 

Colton Flasch Team comprised the Marsh brothers and Catlin Schneider as the third player. Colton had played at the championships before, but it is his first time as the captain. Moreover, the alternate player of Saskatchewan is Pat Simmons, a former winner of the world championships. 

Team Alberta won over team Saskatchewan with a total score of 9-8. The skipper of Alberta, Kevin Koe, scored at the extra end to make his team lead. 


The 2022 Tim Hortons Brier shall witness great performances by all teams. In the upcoming days of the event, we can see more gaming techniques from Kevin Marsh Curling in seven more draws. The Saskatchewan fans are looking forward to these games.

Who is your favorite player in the Brier? Please share your views in the below section.

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