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Read the post, Krampus Gpo Wiki, to know about the boss’s abilities, moveset, and the game Grand Piece Online here.

Do you love playing Grand piece Online? Are you aware of the latest updates in the game? Yes, folks, Roblox has given a new update for the players of GPO Worldwide. These all-new features came along with the fun of the Christmas event.

We will talk about Krampus Gpo Wiki and more and read in detail through this article. But, first, let us check what this game is all about.

What is Grand Piece Online?

GPO or Grand Piece Online is a Roblox game developed by Grand Quest Games. It is based on seafaring and discovering the hidden secrets across the ocean-inspired by shounen-novel ‘One Piece’.

In addition, you get an opportunity for haunting the treasure and unusual fruits that empower those who consume them and deal with the most formidable bosses. We will learn about one such boss in the post, Krampus Gpo Wiki, but first, we will check about him.

About Krampus:

Krampus is a giant stationary boss who resides in the Winter cave. The reason for being stationary is that he is not able to move. But don’t think of it as a weakness as it is a more challenging boss than the other, and it won’t be easy to get rewards.

You have to understand habits and adjust to them accordingly. The rise of the boss Krampus during the Christmas event this year and his spawn time is 3 minutes after reaching the portal.

Krampus Gpo Wiki:

  • Health Stats: 100,000~ HP
  • Location: Winter Cave
  • Spawn time: 3 minutes
  • Drops:
  • Reindeer Horns 25%
  • Sant’s outfit 25%
  • Rudolph’s hat 25%
  • Tall Elf Hat 25%
  • Santa’s beard 25%
  • Peppermint Scarf 10%
  • Festival Tree Hat 10%
  • Bell Armor 10%
  • Devil fruits 3%
  • Festival Lancer 1%

Moveset Wiki:

Icicle Rain– launches icicles from the sky once Krampus screams and does 5- 20 DMG per second.

Frost Breath– freezing players in the way when the boss breathes a cooling air.

Frost Roar– freezes and pushes players away when it roars and does 12-20 DMG.

Inhale– forces the player to come closer to Krampus.

Blizzard- Krampus Gpo Wiki blockable appearance that makes player attack and does 50% of the damage and then slowly drains the stamina, i.e, -3 stamina every 0.75~ seconds.

Some of the tips that help in the game with the boss Krampus:

  • Stay in the corner when the boss inhales; it will stop you from pulling towards it.
  • You can take the help of Tekkai to block inhale.
  •  You can jump to avoid icicle rain.
  •  Hie Hie no mi Mera Mera no mi, Pika Pika no mi, and Magu Magu no mi are some of the favorite fruits for the boss.


In Krampus Gpo Wiki we learnt about the boss and the Roblox game. However, we recommend playing with 6 players for this boss. You can also learn more about how to deal with Krampus alone.

Do you also get a boss who is as powerful as Krampus? Let us know in the comment section below.

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