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In this post, we have discussed the Legacy Benefits Court Case Latest Update and its effect on citizens.

Are you a Universal Credit claimant from the UK? Do you want to know the latest updates about the Legacy Benefit Court Case? If yes, stick to this post. 

The Legacy Benefit court case could pay out £150 million, and citizens of the United Kingdom are anxiously waiting for the case results, especially the Universal Credit claimants. So, in this post, we will talk about the Legacy Benefits Court Case Latest Update.  

What is a Legacy Benefit Court Case?

Two men famously known as TP & AR have fought many court cases against the UK’s Department of Work & Pension. They started their legal challenge in 2016 (TP) and 2017 (AR), and it has been six years since then. The court case is presented by Jamie Burton. 

They have been seeking justice for DWP’s discrimination for deducting their allowance, which had caused them many serious hardships. They have presented their argument that after they have switched to Universal Credit from Legacy Benefit, there has been a huge reduction in their allowances. 

Before knowing the Dwp Court Case Update, let us discuss legacy benefits and how universal credit is affecting people. 

What is Legacy Benefit in the UK?

Legacy benefits are social security payment benefits that were replaced by the Universal Credit. Legacy benefits include Jobseeker allowance based on income, housing benefit, income support, child tax credit, income support, working tax, and Employment & Support Allowance. 

Many allowances like Employment and Support Allowance have now discontinued the courtesy of Universal Credit, which is affecting many disabled people in the country. Many citizens had missed out on crucial benefits during the Covid 19 pandemic, and mostly ESA claimants’ Covid support was largely affected. 

The Legacy Benefits Court Case Latest Update

On Friday, 21st of January 2021, the two men who have been seeking justice for over six years won against DWP. The court’s judgment confirmed that thousand of disabled & severely disabled citizens faced discrimination which resulted in them being left worse off financially in the UK after they had converted to the Universal Credit system. 

It is the fourth victory for TP & AR in six years. The two men faced £180 reductions per month in disability benefit payments after they moved into a new house. They had won against DWP court previously in a court of appeal and high court, but they offered only a £120 increase. 

But after the Legacy Benefits Court Case Update Today, the court has ruled in favor of disabled people, and the UK government will have to pay more than £150 million in bill payments. As per DWP evidence presented in the court during the Legacy Benefit Court Case claim, the court’s judgment will affect more than 50,000 claimants in the UK. 


The Legacy Benefit Court Case judgment will help 50,000 UK citizens. A £20 to £30 million per year expenditure will be borne by the UK government for over a six years period for providing transitional benefit reliefs to claimants. Visit this News website for more. 

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