Ntuc Fairprice Voucher Scam {Jan} Know What’s The Truth

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The following research on Ntuc Fairprice Voucher Scam will guide you on the reality of this voucher being circulated in the market.

Many people are getting engaged in frauds and cybercrimes. Due to lack of employment, people are compelled to involve in such unfair practices. One such fraud in Singapore is ongoing, where people are offered fake vouchers. 

This article on Ntuc Fairprice Voucher Scam will inform you about this scam and how fraudsters cheat innocent people. In addition, this article will help you and make you aware of this scam. So, please read it carefully.

What is Ntuc Fairprice?

Ntuc Fairprice is a supermarket chain and one of the largest in Singapore. Seah Kian Peng is the CEO of this supermarket, and its headquarters are located in Singapore. It was founded around 48 years ago, on July 22, 1973. They have outlets across the country and deal in grocery stores, hypermarkets, and supermarkets. The chairman of Ntuc Fairprice is Bobby Chin.

About Fairprice Voucher Scam

People might have heard about the Fairprice Scam. But, unfortunately, few people are aware of it, while some are not. So, here we will tell you about this scam. 

It is found that many flyers have been circulated in the market in the name of Ntuc Fairprice, which asks the people to scan a QR code printed in the Pamphlet, and it will yield you $20 worth of vouchers. On the other hand, another mode to deceive the people is that some citizens receive emails that declare you to be the lucky winner. 

Is Ntuc Fairprice Voucher Scam?

Since we have told you about this financial survey by the Chinese fliers, which guides you to win $20 worth of vouchers from the famous Supermarket chain, Ntuc Fairprice, let us clarify that it is a scam. The franchise has published no such vouchers. Nevertheless, it is the easiest way to cheat the country’s people. 

It was posted officially on Facebook on January 24, 2022 (Monday), the pamphlets circulated in the market are of unknown origin. They have not published any gift vouchers. And no survey has been taken out by the NTUC. So now you might have got your answers on is Ntuc Fairprice Voucher Scam, and you must not get trapped by such unknown surveys.

Ways to save yourself from Voucher scam

Here we will share some tips to save your money from these surveys. It is very clear that this voucher is a scam, but people may get excited if they are given free cash vouchers. But, before that, you must check all the Safety standards. Points to be kept in mind:

  • Do not respond to any email claiming that you have won a gift voucher by Ntuc Fairprice. Block the sender immediately.
  • Do not share your account details with unknown senders.
  • Never scan the QR code shown in the Pamphlet.


Based on Ntuc Fairprice Voucher Scam, we advise all people not to trust such vouchers unless the original franchise officially claims them. So beware of such fraudsters and keep all the safety measures in mind. To know more about Ntuc Fairprice Voucher, please visit this link. .

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