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Poeltl Game Answer Today has given a solution for today’s Puzzle and discussed its hints and ways to reach the answer.

Wordle players have one more exciting game on their list, and it tests people skills on NBA players. The recent development in digital puzzle games has given several new games to puzzle lovers Worldwide.

Poeltl is another clone of Wordle, but its domain is limited to NBA games and its players. Gamers are required to guess a player’s name with a given number of attempts. This article will discuss the game in detail with hints and answers for today.

Therefore to know everything keep reading Poeltl Game Answer Today till the end.

Poeltl Today’s Answer:

If you are playing this NBA game and are unable to get the answer for today’s Poeltl, this section has a solution for 24th and 25th March 2022. In this game, players have eight attempts, and they have to guess current NBA basket players.

The solution for the last two games is given below.

  • 24th March 2022 – Jeff Green is the mystery player for Poeltl number 28.
  • 25th March 2022 – Ricky Rubio is the solution for Poeltl number 29.

There are many hints given by the game while guessing the player’s name, which we have discussed in the next section of the article.

Hints for Poeltl Game Answer Today:

Gamers, while trying to guess, NBA players for the day are allowed eight attempts, and after each try, data of guessed players is shown. There are many things, which may be common in guessed players and solutions for the day.

This similarity between the players will allow the gamer to reach the solution. We have listed hints for today’s game.

  • Guess player name – Shake Milton
  • Team – 76 Philadelphia
  • Conference – East
  • Division – Atlantic
  • Position – G-F
  • Height – 6 feet 5 inches below arrow
  • Age – 25 above arrow
  • Number – 18 above arrow

How to Guess Players from Hints?

On putting Shake Milton’s name, Poeltl Game Answer Today will show the above data on the screen, and players need to arrive at a solution using it. 

  • Team – It doesn’t match with the team of today’s player.
  • Conference – It matches with today’s player and is shown in green.
  • Division – No match
  • Position – At one-time player played in that position, the column is coloured yellow.
  • Height – Arrow is pointing below means his height is less than 6 feet 5 inches.
  • Age – Arrow pointing above means player height is more than 25.
  • Number – Above arrow indicates the player number is more than 18.

In this way, the player can use hints to reach Poeltl Game Answer Today.

Poeltl Game: Playing Steps

This game can be played on mobile or PC, and gamers are not required to make any account for this game. 

  • Open official website (mentioned in conclusion).
  • Green colour indicates a match.
  • The yellow colour indicates a partial match. 
  • One can take the help of the silhouette model.


The NBA lovers can play this game to test their current knowledge of the game and use the hints to reach a correct answer. Players can also check their stat in which game played and win percentage is given. https://www.poeltl.dunk.town

Gamers can share their experience with this basketball puzzle game in the comment section of Poeltl Game Answer Today.

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