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The post talks about Simon Leviev Business Consulting and elaborates on other details and how netizens are reacting.

Who is unaware of Simon Leviev, who rose to popularity Worldwide through a criminal documentary made on him airing on Netflix? The show, the Tinder Swindle, is loosely based on the life of Simon Leviev, who, as per sources, was found guilty of cheating women on the online dating app.

The show currently streaming on Netflix highlights Simon Leviev and his online romance scam. This article brings you a detailed insight into Simon Leviev Business Consulting and elaborates further on more information and details into his life.

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Who is Simon Leviev?

Simon Leviev was born Shimon Hayut. He rose to fame with a crime documentary on his real life and how he scammed women through online romance scams. He is known for using the online dating app wherein he met women and manipulated them to believe in his extravagant lifestyle.

With this, he manipulated them into giving away large chunks of money through loans and credit cards. As per sources, he has started a Simon Leviev Website Business Coach wherein he provides business advice to people. And he uploads his photos in the luxurious private jets.

We will elaborate on Simon Levie and why he is in the news in the coming sections.

More Facts About Simon Leviev

  • Simon Leviev posed himself as the son of Lev Leviev, the CEO of LLD diamonds. However, his real identity is Shimon Hayut.
  • He eventually stole a whopping amount of $10 million using the dating apps
  • As per sources, his girlfriend went on to sell his branded clothing and swindled him for money
  • However, after complaints were filed against Simon, he was banned entirely from Tinder.
  • He served five months in prison and was freed later.

Simon Leviev Business Consulting – Exploring More

As per sources, all his tinder accounts are currently banned, and the same is shared with alternate online dating sites. On being found guilty, he served five-month of imprisonment and was later freed on the grounds of good behavior.

Furthermore, it is noted that his victims are still working on paying off their debts, as shown in the film. Besides, on the investigation, it was known that he did not have any connection with the Leviev family.

On researching further, it was found that Simon Leviev started with his business consulting, wherein he is known for Simon Leviev Business Advice and charges a price for his consulting services for the advice he provides. But netizens are commenting on the discussion forums that his website might not up right now or this might be another scam.

Final Conclusion

As per sources, he continues to operate his account on Instagram and is also active on the social media site. Moreover, he is also known to have started to fraud people at the age of 20, wherein he worked as a babysitter and stole checks of the family. Additionally, all the information listed here is taken from sources available Worldwide.

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