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The post talks about Sloth Wordle and elaborates on other puzzle details and the guessing aspects.

Who is unaware of Wordle, the word puzzle game that has become a Worldwide hit? Not only is the game an exciting platform for players to rack their brains in guessing the correct word, but it also presents quite a few challenges with its gameplay.

One similar challenge was faced by players Wordle 276 quiz of 22 March 2022. It included a word that left players brainstorming about whether it was right or not. The answer to the puzzle was supposed to be a Sloth Wordle when there was a change only in one letter.

So, let’s gain complete information. 

An Overview of Wordle

Wordle is an online game of puzzle that presents to players a platform for testing their vocabulary skills. Herein, users are supposed to solve a five-letter puzzle within five attempts. Besides, you must guess which is the correct letter backed by hints. For example, if the letter is correct, the box will turn green; if incorrect, then grey and wrong placement of correct letter, it will turn yellow.

In the coming section, we will elaborate about Sloth Game and how it is not related to the answer for Sloth in Wordle game which players are getting confused with.

Why is It in The News?

Wordle can be quite tricky some days, which happened to be for Wordle 276 puzzle released on 22 March 2022. As per sources, it was rather challenging for players Worldwide to guess the correct word. Moreover, many also took entire five attempts to guess the word.

The game developed by Josh Wardle that has captured the hearts and likes of players is also part of the New York Times section of games. Currently, the 276th puzzle was released, which found players racking their brains. So, let us find out why it found players at a fix?

Sloth Wordle – What Happened With The Puzzle?

As per one of the players, they perfectly guessed four out of the five words. It included S, L, O, and the fifth letter as H. After racking brain, many resorted to inputting T in the fourth place, yet the answer was wrong.

Coming to the hint and spoilers of today’s word, it means a movement of water that happens at the bottom of any vessel. Now we consider, you must have understood what the word was? Then, yes, the word was Slosh instead of Sloth.

On the other hand, the Sloth Game is entirely different from the Wordle puzzle and has nothing to do with the word game.

Final Conclusion

A game named Sloth is an electronic plush sloth that acts as a timer and lets you know about the category of card you must act on. The correct guessing team wins it. However, the Sloth we are taking here is the supposed answer by many players in the game of Wordle for the 276th puzzle.

However, contrary to the thought about the word to be Sloth, the answer to the 276th Wordle puzzle was Slosh.

Do you wish to inform more about the Sloth Wordle answer and what happened? Did you guess the answer right? Do share with us your experience in the comments section below.

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