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This article describes the restrictive process made by America and its allies against the Russian attack on Ukraine. Read on Who Are The Us Allies 2022.

The US had announced on 24th February that it is imposing financial sanctions on Russia effective 24th February. The G7 countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, the European Union, Japan, and New Zealand, are allies. The G7 countries are economically developed, and their restrictions will significantly impact Russia. 

The White House announced that it would exempt US licensing requirements to countries Who Are The Us Allies 2022, who impose similar sanctions.

Effect of financial sanctions:

  1. The sanctions resulted in sunk in the Russian stock market.
  2. Suppressed economic growth in Russia.
  3. Significantly increased borrowing cost of Russia.
  4. Increase in inflation in Russia.
  5. Increase in capital outflows.
  6. Gradually suppress industrial development in Russia.
  7. Restrict Sberbank and its 25 subsidiaries transactions in USD.
  8. Restrict VTB-bank and its 20 subsidiaries from accessing services of US financial systems and US personnel to deal with VTB-bank.
  9. Likewise, bank otkritie, sovcombank ojsc, and novikombank and their 34 subsidiaries will be restricted, including the freezing of institutional assets in American Allies 2022
  10. Thirteen Russian enterprises and entities with approximately $1.4 trillion assets will be restricted to raising money via the US market.
  11. Sanctions are imposed on elite families from Russia who provide support to Putin.
  12. Sanctions against Belarus banks, military, entities, officials, and elites to withdraw support for Russia against aggression in Ukraine.

New Zealand:

On 25th February, New Zealand announced that it had imposed travel bans against Russian government officials. New Zealand will prohibit exports to the Russian military and suspension of foreign ministry consultations.


Australia is also in the process of approving sanctions similar to the US. However, the details of sanctions are yet awaited.

The European Union countries Who Are The Us Allies 2022:

Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, and Cyprus will freeze assets of the Russian central bank (approximately $600 billion) and restrict Russian financial institutions from accessing the SWIFT payment system. 

Belarus airlines and private jets will not take off and land in the European Union. Germany has suspended Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline approval.

The UK:

The UK has imposed export control and financial restrictions on Russia and prohibited Russian airlines from using British airports.


On 25th February, Japan announced that it had imposed financial restrictions on Russian financial institutions and banks. Japan, Who Is The Us Allies With 2022 has stopped issuing visas to Russians. Japan will restrict exports to the Russian military and ban exports of semiconductors and chips.


Canada has also prohibited the sale, export, shipping, and supply of goods listed in Schedule 4, to Russia (or) any individual in Russia.


The US has warned that it will impose severe sanctions if Russia does not stop the war on Ukraine. However, the sanctions do not seem to affect Putin’s decisions. One day after the Olympic games ended in China, Putin signed papers recognizing LNR and DNR as independent countries and invaded Ukraine.

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