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Please read this article to answer Why Did Ikaris Kill Himself, a common question in the viewers’ minds after watching the famous Marvel movie Eternals. 

Are you a follower of Marvel films? Did you read Marvel comics in your childhood? Do you love watching films inspired by these characters? If yes, you must have watched or heard about Eternals. So please read this article to learn more about the same.

In this write-up, we have answered a common question about this film. Viewers from several nations, like Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, want complete information about it. Thus, please read further to know Why Did Ikaris Kill Himself.

Who are the Eternals?

Eternals are a group of fictional characters having superpowers. They first appeared in the Marvel Comic series named The Eternals #1. Jack Kirby created the story in 1976. In 2021, Chloé Zhao was inspired by the comic and directed the film Eternals. The Eternal characters were Thena, Ajak, Gilgamesh, Sersi, Druig, Ikaris, Makkari, Kingo, Phastos, and Sprite.

The film has many twists, and viewers were fascinated to watch it on the big screen. Currently, the film is also available on an Over The Top platform. After watching it, many viewers have raised the question, Why Did Ikaris Kill Himself. So please continue reading to address this doubt. 

According to the film’s plot, the Deviants are immortal creatures who are cousins of the Eternals. They were supposed to eliminate the predators but deviated from their aim and became destructive. Thus, Arishem, who is a Celestial, creates the Eternals to defeat the Deviants.

Who is Ikaris?

Ikaris is one of the Eternals, has massive strength, and can eject laser beams from his eyes. He can fly and is quite similar to Superman. Richard Madden, the famous Game of Thrones actor, enacted Ikaris in the film.  

If you are wondering Why Did Ikaris Kill Himself, you will know the answer shortly. People questioned his death as he is superhuman and should be invincible. However, the film’s director clarified in an interview that Ikaris is not immortal. 

In the film, Arishem uses the Eternals to prepare for an incident called Emergence, which would destroy Earth and form a new celestial called Tiamut. All the Eternals except Ikaris were unaware of this truth. 

When they faced reality, they opposed this mission out of sympathy for the Earth’s residents. However, Ikaris knew about this fact and supported it.

Why Did Ikaris Kill Himself?

Ikaris was dutiful to Arishem for the Emergence. But, as the other Eternals were against it, he killed their leader Ajak. He also wanted to kill Sersi, but his love for her overpowered his loyalty to Arishem. 

 Ikaris could not fulfill Arishem’s instructions, nor could he face his fellow Eternals. Thus, out of guilt and helplessness, he flew to the Sun and killed himself. 


Many viewers took by surprise by the act of Ikaris in the film’s end. Thus, we answered your doubt through our write-up. You may like to read about the film Eternals and the characters. 

Did you wonder Why Did Ikaris Kill Himself after watching the film? Please share your views below. 

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