Yusuke Astd (Nov 2021) Check All The Game Updates Here!

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Yusuke Astd (Nov 2021) Check All The Game Updates Here! >> This write-up will equip you with the latest units of trending games and its features. So don’t forget to read till the end.

Are you a true game lover? Would you be amongst the ones who always await the latest updates in trending online games? Do you know the gamer’s community is the most challenging one to handle by the developers? Why? Because they are the ones who keep on the brain work of the developers in the highest state.

Today this post will also detail the latest update in the trending game, i.e., Yusuke Astd.

The trending search makes the internet troll by gamers from the United States and many other countries. 

What is the All Star Tower Defence (ASTD)?

We want to reiterate that the gamer’s choice amongst the top most online games is Roblox. This had been possible because the developers of the Roblox game have been continuously evolving and working hard for the best ways.

They have just one determination: to provide the time to time best features in the games. So naturally, this makes all the Roblox lovers engaged and searched for the time to time updates.

One of the latest features that is trending is ASTD that will explore further Yusuke Astd.

ASTD: All Star Tower Defence is the new addition that has added various summer events. In this, many characters and units have been introduced along with the various challenges and levels. One of the famous and charming is Yusuke.

So let us learn about the various features and other aspects of this character. But before that have an idea about some more units.

The new Units:

The challenge is about a new merchant travelling in the lobby very rarely, and the purpose is to buy some items. The various units available in this are – 




Yusuke and many other

All about Specifications of Yusuke Astd:

The unit Yusuke is a 4-star ground, and the unit type is AOE. The character is termed Jusuke. 

From where Yusuke can be obtained – he can be taken fromHero Summon- that is the place where the players or gamers can acquire both Primary and secondary characters that too with Gold and Gems in the lobby

He can be evolved from the Demon Jusuke Unit. His complete statistics are mentioned below-

  • Deployment Cost- $400
  • Upgrade Levels – 2
  • Total Cost – $2,900
  • Tower Type – Ground

Attack Stats

  • Attack Type – Single, AoE (Cone)
  • Damage – 24
  • Attack Rate/SPA – 5
  • Range – 14
  • Level 1 to Level 80

Conclusion on Yusuke Astd:

The character discussed above is inspired by Yuyu Hakusho, which was the first to be published in 1990. Later there were many advancements, and it has got popularity in the various genre like series, games, movies many more.

Roblox has brought this charm as new units, and now gamers are enjoying it. You can get more elaboration here

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Also, we are eagerly waiting for your comments in the sections below on our efforts on Yusuke Astd.

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